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09:30 Registration and networking with refreshments
10:00 Welcome
Faye Holland, Founder & Director, Cofinitive and CW Board Member
Jon Bradford, Director, The Bradfield Centre
Hosts: Luisa Baldini & Louisa Preston, Composure Media
10:10 Technologies leading the way
Sally Eaves, Chief Technology Officer, Mind Fit
The world of work is changing driven by emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain and VR/AR, alongside IoT connectivity. These technologies can be both a catalyst for inclusive innovation and drive societal change. Sally will highlight how high-performing businesses are cultivated through continual innovation and diversity, enabled by emergent technology.
10:20 Teenagers hacking free from the mould
Peter He, Freelance Researcher
Peter is a great example of how teenagers are embracing inclusive innovation and breaking away from societies’ expectations. Peter, amongst other things, is an AI Researcher with a team at King's College London, winner of a ‘hack happiness’ Hackathon and a BP Impact award winner for developing a system to detect faults in undersea carbon storage pipelines.
10:30 Diversity and Inclusion – truth or dare?
David D’Souza, Head of Engagement and London, CIPD
Gender bias, inherent sexism, pay gaps - what are the implications of the current level of gender imbalance within the tech sector over the next decade? Where is Diversity and Inclusion failing and what can companies do to overcome these?
10:40 ARM’s Diversity & Inclusion journey
Kirsty Gill, EVP, People, ARM Ltd
Kirsty will share ARM’s journey in creating an innovative, integrated business through inclusion and how this resulted in increased talent acquisition, retention and an improved business case.
11:20 Interactive audience discussion
11:30 Refreshments and networking
12:00 Empowerment in the new world of work – parallel sessions
Masterclass 1 - Changing The Diversity Equation Through Female Empowerment
Vicky Sleight, Senior Advisor, CW
A facilitated CW Diversity and Inclusion initiative roundtable discussion. In this session we will debate and agree key next steps needed to drive a collaborative and strategic effort to achieve greater gender equality within the Tech sector.
  Masterclass 2 - Diversity – a financial business case for corporate strategy
Daniel Hulme, CEO and Founder, Satalia
This will be a unique workshop covering radially new ideas in organisational design and psychology. The traditional measures of diversity - gender, age, race - are simplistic and outdated. Daniel will present new ways to enable diversity and inclusivity to flourish within an organisation. He will argue that if companies don't adopt these innovations then they face losing talent and competitiveness.
  Masterclass 3 - Brain-savvy business. Using an understanding of the brain to create better businesses
Jan Hills, Founder, Head Heart + Brain
We are learning that successful leaders use more than their head. The heart and brain play an important part too. Neuroscience, the brain part, is all about understanding how our brains function best. And its findings are challenging a lot of the ways people have traditionally been taught to lead businesses. Since 2009 we have worked with business leaders to show how the latest science can maximise their business performance, creating an environment that is innovative, inclusive, and utilises more diverse skills than thinking. A business that can get the best from their employees can better understand the minds of their customers or clients. Using insights from neuroscience, leaders can create working environments that get the very best out of their employees – unlocking the problem-solving skills and initiative that all modern businesses need.
Neuroscience is giving us a new understanding of how people make decisions, change, create new ways of working and have new ideas. Our brain-savvy approach helps leaders apply the science to their everyday working practices. We will share with you some of these insights and how you can use them in your business. Attendees will be provided with a copy of Jan’s book Brain-savvy Business.
13:00 Lunch and networking
14:00 The Era of Multigenerational Workforces
Michelle Senecal de Fonseca, Area Vice President, Northern Europe, Citrix
In the light of political, technological and social changes all businesses are needing to evolve. Not only that but the consumer market is changing and individual perspectives are more and more relevant in decisions. Michelle will discuss how business needs to change how it views work in order to drive new efficiencies. This in part also means that understanding the barriers and opportunities in the era of 5 generations in the workplace will be critical for business success. So how do we attract young people in innovation? How can Gen X upwards be retrained? And how, more generally do we attract top talent? What needs to be incorporated into roles to attract a diverse mix of people and how do environments and businesses need to change?
14:10 How We're Getting More Women into Tech
Gen Ashley, Director of Women Who Code London & Lead for Google Women Techmakers
Gen will talk about the current situation with regards to number of Women in Technology (especially in Software Engineering), what is being done about it and what benefits having more women in the team bring to organisations.
14:20 Diversity and Innovation
David Hardcastle, Senior Manager, Amazon Alexa
At Amazon we’re always looking to innovate on behalf of our customers. To innovate we often need to challenge our own strongly held beliefs; only by building and championing diverse teams can we do that effectively.
14:30 Panel Session: Unconscious Bias (Moderator Vicky Sleight, Senior Advisor, CW)
Implicit or unconscious bias happens when we make judgments and assessments of people and situations without us realising. They are influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. This debate will focus on how this can hold us back and how diversity of thought and perspectives can lead to success.
Jo Evershed, Behavioural Scientist, Cauldron
Angela Yin, Organisational Development & Culture, Satalia
Ross Keeping, Director of Engineering Enterprise, ARM Ltd
Sara Shahvisi, Director of Programmes, Fearless Futures
15:00 Refreshments and networking
15:30 Reaching for the sky
Arjun Naha, Software Developer, Naha Digital
Jhumi Naha, Portfolio Manager, Cloud & Security Products, Vodafone
Arjun and his fellow school friends embody inclusive innovation with their high-altitude balloon project. The journey involved winning funding to launch the balloon into space and tracking it. They programmed a Raspberry Pi, added and coded a u-blox chipset add on and then created a video to show at other schools to showcase innovation and discuss STEM.
15:40 Breaking geographical boundaries
Gary Stewart, Director, Wayra UK
Independent research has revealed findings that reinforce the United Kingdom’s position as one of the world’s most diverse start-up ecosystems, as well as key insights into the significant impact diversity is having on the country’s newest businesses. ‘“What this research tells us is that start-ups would get far more growth, innovation and entry into new markets if there was a more diverse combination of people involved’
15:50 Why diversity matters in business success
Heather Richards, CEO, Transversal
Transversal is a company that believes there is a more innovative way for people to find, share and manage collective knowledge. Heather will share her 20-year journey from Cambridge academic to Tech CEO and discuss how an inclusive company culture has propelled Transversal from a small Cambridge-based start up to the successful, global organisation it is today – recognised as a world leader in AI knowledge management solutions. She will focus on the importance of diversity in not only building effective teams, but also its place in product development, sales, marketing and services. Also explored will be the competitive advantages diversity and inclusivity can bring to an organisation trying to establish itself in a fast changing economic and political climate. She will conclude with how technological advancements in AI and beyond rely on a diversity of thought and experience as part of the problem-solving process – focusing on practical ways to foster and encourage these approaches within your own business environment.
16:00 Collective Brilliance > Individual Brilliance
Nicole Pretorius, Co-founder, SheCanCode
SheCanCode, a career consulting platform bridging the digital skills gap by empowering women to enter and remain in the tech industry. Nicole, Co-founder, shares her journey that led her to start SheCanCode and insights into the impact that diversity and inclusion has on economics.
16:10 The workforce of the future
Roger Gorman, Davos and White House speaker, Founder and CEO, ProFinda
The world of work as we know it is changing exponentially and Roger will discuss the importance of uniting views and opinions in the midst of this next technological revolution and how business needs to adapt to the challenges ahead.
16:20 Interactive audience discussion
16:45 Closing remarks
Faye Holland, Founder & Director, Cofinitive
Robert Driver, CEO, CW
Call to arms individually and organisationally to foster greater Inclusive Innovation
17:00 Networking Drinks
19:00 Event close
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