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Membership Fee

To ensure access for all organisations there is a tiered fee system for Cambridge Wireless membership.

The cost of annual membership, both at Founder and Associate levels, increases on a sliding scale, depending on the number of employees in your company or the company applying for membership.  Membership is on a company basis and all employees are entitled to use the benefits of membership.

Founder Membership Annual Fee

Number of Employees Annual Fee
(Exclusive of VAT)
Allocated Seats at Founder Dinner*
1-5 £315 1
6-10 £520 1
11-20 £640 1
21-50 £1050 1
51-100 £2100 2
101-200 £4,200 3
201+ £6,500 5
* depending on the capacity of the venue, we may have to restrict the number of seats available for a founder dinner

Associate Membership Annual Fee

Number of Employees Annual Fee
(Exclusive of VAT)
1-5 £155
6-10 £265
11-20 £325
21-50 £525

Become a member and pay online here

If you would prefer to discuss the benefits and opportunities of membership, please contact the CW team on +44 (0)1223 967101 or email: