6th Discovering Start-Ups Competition – Meet the Entrants from the European Start-Up Scene

View the list of start-ups that have entered the competition! Check out their apps, technologies, innovative products and disruptive services and stay tuned for more! Interested in registering your company? The deadline for submissions is Monday, 14 September 2015, (by 12:00 noon).

DhiArtificial Intelligence platform to build mobile apps for you. Developing front end mobile applications is still extremely time consuming, takes anywhere from 3-8 weeks. At Dhi, we are aiming to simplify building / developing front end mobile applications. We are enabling developers to simply upload an image (JPG, PSD, PNG) and our platform will convert the image into a mobile layout with all the UI controls, background, styles etc without diving deep into the code. This process will cut short to 4-5 hrs! Chaya Jadhav
Voyage Manager / TrackBasicTrackBasic is a travel-tracking service that tracks your travellers across the globe. Tracking is done for two reasons: 1. Travel Security - TrackBasic tracks your employees from the time they leave home to the time they return keeping them out of harms way and ensuring you meet your duty of care obligations 2. Tax and Immigration - Tax laws are different in countries/states and knowing the number of days spent in each country becomes important for tax monitoring and mitigation. We monitor days in country and notify you when you approach tax and residency thresholds. John Scott
Nwave Technologies Nwave’s communications technology is releasing the potential of the IoT in everything from smart cities to smart farming, by enabling IoT devices to transmit real-time data over distances of 10km in urban environments, using extremely low power, and allowing them to operate off a single battery for several years. Matthew Phillips
SkipperSkipper is AirBnB meets Uber for the sea. We pair travellers with ships that have spare bunks. There currently is no easy or cost effective way to move between the Islands of the Bahamas. You either need to know a ship captain, which is inaccessible to tourists, or you need to charter a boat, which is very costly. However many boats already sailing between the islands are doing so with empty bunks. Our website and app helps captains fill these empty bunks increasing their revenue and providing an easy and cost effective means of travel for tourists and residents. Aaron Bassett
VRgo LtdWe have designed and manufactured a unique input device for virtual reality. The VRgo chair is a hands free movement controller that tilts and turns in 360 degrees. Using an onboard sensor that movement is translated as movement in VR. Its hands free which allows for hand gesture and the real motion combats simulation sickness. It is going to revolutionise the way people explore new worlds in VR. Joe Ryan
NotifyedNotifyed is a secure one-way group messaging app from teachers to students and parents.Teachers currently communicate with students and parents in ineffective and unnecessarily costly ways. Notifyed enables teachers to instantly send messages to students and parents. They receive push notifications as they do from other messaging apps. Notifyed can be used on all devices and is free with unlimited messages.Messages are one-way as we appreciate how busy teachers and lecturers are. To save them time we've built a 'Schedule Message' feature. 'Read Receipts' tells them who has/has not read the message. Suzanne Ashman Blair
L.O.Y.D EntA new, quick and innovative software exclusively for recruiters and job hunters. This software sets itself apart from the normal job boards out there. Having worked in recruitment for a long time, I got to discover what is out there and this idea brings it all in one. Tendai Senah
Food MamaFoodMama is an innovative digital menu app for the hospitality industry that makes food and beverage menus more discoverable, navigable and filterable. With rich media, multi-language translation and a range of promotional functions, users are empowered to find, browse, order and share their dining experiences in whole new ways, whilst giving businesses insight into patron interactivity. Adam Dahrouge
D.A.M. Good Media LtdPepper is a set of products geared towards the live music industry. A mobile app for the fans that is a social network focused on discovery of live music. BackStage is the B2B service for the industry designed to revolutionise the way big/social data is used to help the live music industry thrive. David Hamilton
GiveVisionGiveVision is a sophisticated software suite that powers smart glasses to be used as eyes for blind people. Developed by an experienced team of software engineers, two completely blind, it is designed to increase the independence and mobility of blind and visually impaired by converting visual information to audio cues. Our technology is a hands-free solution that enables smart glasses (equipped with a camera) to recognise objects, text, products, signs, people, places and talk to the wearer through a bone-conducting headphone. Stan Karpenko
ZapToBuy LtdZapToBuy's software and app will allow consumers to easily call up product information and purchase items they see on screen. This technology will revolutionise the product placement market delivering a range of benefits for consumers, advertisers and visual media producers. We will facilitate a dramatic reduction in irritating and often ineffective, direct advertising, as products will be integrated into programmes and films. We will facilitate a considerable flow of funds to producers and greatly simplify the funding of film and TV projects. Na'ím Anís Peymán
Frugl LimitedFrugl is a weekly digital market place for daily deals and local happenings. Suzanne Noble
CrowdSkillsCrowdskills helps businesses connect with talented young freelancers to secure affordable website services. Iman Fadaei
EduVocation LtdEduVocation is an online education recruitment portal utilising innovative open data links to provide users with an unbiased overview of employers. Since 2010 the school recruitment market has increased from 150 employers (local authorities) to over 8500 and the current recruitment solutions for schools are very limited. EduVocation adds significant value through an online management tool for employers and an easy application upload for employees to submit multiple applications. Users are presented with relevant and up to date statistics in the form of open data allowing for informed and unbiased judgement s of employers. Wayne Cartmel
Sherlock S.r.l.Sherlock is a GPS-enabled anti-theft device for bicycles. Our Value Proposition answers to the need of cyclists for an advanced security device: it is based on constant and precise bicycle localization (GPS+GSM/GPRS) combined with an unobtrusive design (the device is invisible from the outside, the thief does not know he is being tracked down), sound alarm, push alarm notifications on smartphone and an overall seamless user experience (easiness in installation and practicality). Sherlock measures 19 x 45 x 5 mm (width, depth, height) and weighs less than 100 grams. Pierluigi Freni
UMRE (Universal Medical Robotized Exoskeleton)The idea to create affordable robotic exoskeleton for people with disabilities and people after heavy medical operations, so the device can help people move and live a normal human life and solve the problem of this category. Anton Holovachenko
Kemuri LimitedKemuri® is a wellbeing monitor that helps older people to live independently. A smartphone app checks every hour that a person is warm, eating, drinking, mobile and has a power supply. Family, friends or carers see that key activities of daily living are being undertaken normally. They are reassured that all is well – or they reduce the risk of hypothermia, overheating, dehydration, malnutrition and unattended falls. A KemuriSense® Smart Power Socket is installed in minutes in the kitchen, connects to the Web using the mobile phone network, and immediately starts analysing personal patterns of behaviour. Dr Leonard Anderson
Moodmap LtdRize is a multi-platform app supported by Accelerate Cambridge that integrates therapeutic concepts into simple, interactive tutorials and exercises to help those who need it to understand, track and improve their mental well-being. John Harper
ECHYECHY has patented a technology which diffuses natural sunlight inside of buildings using fibre optic cables. Our innovative solution captures, transports and diffuses daylight wherever needed inside; even basements and windowless areas. We place panels, made of lenses, onto a tracker on the roof. This will follow the sun throughout the day, capturing and concentrating its rays. Behind each lens, we place a fibre optic cable, which will direct and diffuse the sunlight for as long as the sun is shining. In cases of bad weather, we offer our technology in a hybrid version, coupled with LEDS, which automatically take over. Stephanie Le Beuze
GeneAdviserGeneAdviser is an online marketplace for genetic testing making it easy for doctors to search for and order tests online from accredited laboratories. The GeneAdviser catalogue covers a wide range of tests, easily searchable, with information to guide clinicians in choosing the right tests. As a social enterprise based in Cambridge, UK, our mission is to make genetic testing more accessible for patients with rare diseases. Jelena Aleksic
dividitiCollective Knowledge is a disruptive crowdsourcing-based approach to creating and sharing knowledge on performance of computing systems between hardware vendors, software developers, tool providers and end users. Involving all these players in a multi-sided business model paves the way to designing fast and efficient systems - based on current and emerging representative use cases - with advanced tools for enabling programmer productivity and performance portability (e.g. based on machine learning). Effective knowledge sharing and open innovation will enable new exciting applications in consumer electronics, robotics, automotive and healthcare - at better quality, lower cost, faster time-to-market and higher return-on-investment. Anton Lokhmotov
1248 Ltd.1248 Device Manager helps companies manage their connected products, allowing them to cross the scaling barrier from low volumes (1000's) into high volumes (1,000,000's). Pilgrim Beart
Estatom Systems LtdProgram Interface (API), Polymach Programmer and a suite of supporting utilities. Estatom also offers a powerful OS. All have a small footprint (c.150 KB – c.250KB), making them suitable for embedding in chips and use in micro-devices, phones/tablets, pc’s/servers, mainframes and/or advanced computer architectures. Extremely fast, scalable, secure and robust (no point of failure), the system is: • able to handle unstructured data, • machine independent, • highly programmable (resulting from its object-based technology and internal structures); and • able to be embedded in hardware. John Bisseru
Racetrack LabsEquine Telemetry Technology We have built a wearable technology for Racehorses that records & measures all biomedical data. Over any time frame, that the client, requires. All data is stored on the cloud & the module can be set to be re-used for multiple animals via the smartphone App making it a unique and highly cost effective tool for both the professional trainer & the amateur horse lover. The Package measures development of any particular animal against development benchmarks, records, analyses data. It is the similar business model that has mad Fitbit into the market leader in the wearables market. Richard Hobson
PricelizerOur web service RevaLizer enables ecommerce merchants get customers who abandon their carts back by making it possible for consumer that are discouraged by the product prices online to setup automatic price drop alerts, helping them return to their favorite shops when the price is right for them. Karl Lillrud
RFMOD (RF Module & Optical Design Limited)RFMOD Introduce BeanIoT(TM) a consumer focussed "wearable", hugely deployable, "Edge-Node" for the Internet of Things. The product leverages the latest in wireless technology and multiple sensors in a common hardware, which is easily reconfigured through new and novel human interaction (UX) or mobile App. The service includes secure collection of the consumer's own "Big Data" and places the user in full control of dissemination to Data-as-a-Service partners, such as Energy suppliers, Fitness and Health professionals or in a commercial context, farm or factory owners. New, fun, surprising, useful.BeanIoT(TM) is capable of being an "Air-mouse" Tracker or simple environmental sensor. Andrew Holland
Crypta LabsCrypta Labs is Cyber Security Startup that is developing a Quantum (True) Random Number Generator. This scientific advancement means that Crypta Labs joins a prestigious group of less dozen companies in the world that has this capability. However, what makes us unique is that we're the only company in the world, which we know of, that is commercialising this on a MOBILE DEVICE. Our 'true' random number is generated from the quantum properties of light where we use the mobile device's lens and light sensors to detect the photons beams and we count these photons to generate a random number. Joe Luong
Social Scoop LtdSocial Scoop is a new start-up company based in the UK that is set to revolutionise curated social media for both users and customers. Social Scoop is a social media curation service that combines both Twitter & Instagram social networks into one single social stream. Daniel Tighe
YellowDogYellowDog releases the spare processing power from people’s computers, giving computer users, or their chosen charity, money for nothing. This is then offered to animation studios giving them their own personal supercomputer to improve how they render animations. Gareth Williams
OneThirdStoriesCurrently, we are developing a highly interactive digital storybook that gradually introduces readers to target language vocabulary (Spanish) in a context that makes the meaning immediately apparent and the acquisition of new words effortless. This is complemented by quizzes, labeled illustrations and full narration by native speakers, benefiting learners of differing types and abilities. As the story is set in Spain and affected by reader interaction, the user is also immersed in another culture and made aware of the practical applications of learning another language. Alex Somervell
zipcube.comIt takes assistants on average 92 minutes to find and book a meeting room and over two hours for a venue. Over 80% primarily rely on Google and then have to wait on enquiry sites, which often do not have pictures or adequate information. You can book a holiday, a car, even plastic surgery online, but you can't book a meeting room! Meanwhile companies are tied into 2-10 year leases on their office space, leaving expensive rooms and desks underutilised. People need rooms, companies have rooms, zipcube brings them together. zipcube is an online marketplace that allows you to search, filter and book meeting rooms and venues all on one site, without having to waste time trawling the internet. zipcube saves individuals time and money, allowing them to stay productive no matter where they are. And for companies we allow them to unlock the value of their redundant space. David Hellard
Evergreen ConsultingElectric vehicle drivers are unable to use the maximum range of their vehicles because they experience range anxiety. Our electric vehicle sat nav helps the user plan and execute their journeys with confidence removing range anxiety and allowing them to increase the vehicles usable range by around 30%. Robert Sharpe
NukliusOur app helps entrepreneurs build and join startup teams by matching startup ideas to the people and skills needed to help build them into realities! Our enterprise offering allows organisations to create a private, walled-garden nuklius environment to talent-map their employees and match them to open projects within the organisation. Stefan van der Fluit
Placeholder LtdPlaceholder is producing a range of Bluetooth (SMART) products, initially beacons (USB powered and solar, that will work in retail lighting conditions). We also have a geo-backend with fully federated and authenticated APIs to support them which as well as supporting standard queries i.e. "I've detected a beacon, do something", we also support "I'm here, give me all the beacons in the vicinity" and "I'm here, going there, give me all devices en-route". We can support our own beacons, crowdsourced beacon data and licensed data from 3rd parties. We have also developed a bike alarm (for a 3rd party) that will trigger when the bike moves (user can adjust sensitivity) and impact detection (unless the user resets the app, it will use phone GPS and start notifying people that an accident has occurred). We also have an environmental sensor under development that will measure temp (both ambient and IR), UV, noise levels, movement, CO, NO2, O3, SO2, H2S. The user has access to their own data and we can aggregate (with the user's permission) and license to 3rd parties. Steve Karmeinsky
ThanksBoxThanksBox is an employee / people analytics platform, data is collected through employee tools (the first is a peer to peer employee recognition app) and the vision is to create a Social Performance Indicator to evaluate employee behaviours, company culture and overall staff engagement. Luke Fisher
LobsterLobster is the world’s honest place to find and license social media content. Search photos and videos by hashtags, words, locations, dates and usernames. Request anyone in the world to license their photo starting at $0.99. The problem we are solving is the fact that billions of online photos and videos created by real people can not be properly searched and licensed. Maria Iontseva
Spiral - The Social Learning Network LtdApps that enable teachers to change from paper & pen driven activities to interactive collaborative digital learning in lessons using 1:1 devices Spiral enables the teacher to instantly measure how each individual is performing in lessons and feedback the class performance instantly via the whiteboard. Hamish Kennedy
Sensory MediaBusiness owners in the hospitality industry constantly compromise with non-attractive static lighting due to the huge cost of professional lighting system and its controlling. Sensory Media develops an intelligent lighting system that projects music to lighting like an artist. It helps business owners of restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. to create a whole new level ambient experience with significantly lower cost. Zhenyu Lin
MyHelpsterMyHelpster helps small businesses to delegate their digital marketing tasks to vetted, remote experts by making trained, certified and monitored agents in the Business Process Outsourcing industry for the first time accessible to small business. Simply select the micro tasks (e.g. analysing competitor’s Twitter account or creating effective AdWords Campaign) and an agent will start within 30 minutes. All micro tasks on MyHelpster are clear defined in terms of scope, outcome and service level agreements. With that we are the first alternative to freelancer marketplaces, where businesses take on average 3-days and 70 applications to get the same job done. Felix Strasser
New AXEL LTDThe ICARE system is the most innovative remote assistance solution on the market combining reliability with ease of use. It monitors the most important vital signs both day and night. It monitors the Epilepsy signs. hould the wearer get lost they can be easily located and brought home","ICARE platform is the best because include in only one wearable device some different monitoring functions using a low cost connection and permit to share the information with the nearest medical centre also. Davide Gasparin
PurrMetrixPurrMetrix does one simple thing: a detailed, real time heatmap of commercial buildings. Adding location to temperature data helps managers monitor performance of heating and cooling in offices, data centres and other buildings. HVAC – although it’s 40% of energy consumed in commercial premises - lacks simple, affordable monitoring tools. For office managers this means a constant stream of complaints and high energy bills. Data centre managers struggle to find a sweet spot between huge cooling costs and high rates of failure. Purr’s array of sensors feeds a web app that transforms data into actionable information, saving money and improving performance. Hermione Crease
RateMyUniHouse.co.ukRateMyUniHouse.co.uk is the new student property rating website which allows students to log on using a verified university email address and rate properties which they have rented. Students can provide information through the structured feedback form such as; whether they received a fair deposit return, the efficiency of the landlord at fixing repairs and communication with the agency. This information is collated and indicated using a star rating to provide more information about the student property which isn't available on the agency websites. This will create a more transparent housing market and improve renting for students across the UK. Tara Annison
Shark Infested Custard LtdThe Games Hub is a free programme for people who aspire to have their own games company. Running over 6 months we give those taking part mentoring and teaching by some of the best people in the games industry and business. From games design to employment law and everything in between. By the end of the programme the teams will have a game and business plan ready to pitch to investors or self-launch. We also give them free office space. Steven Huckle
Thingful LimitedThingful is an IoT search engine in beta release since Q3 2014. Today it indexes millions of connected objects globally that are on public data infrastructures. Thingful will provide private IoT search and access based on entitlements for enabling data transactions for B2B customers. The data transaction management service will be based on a decentralised trustless architecture. Thingful will enhance its transaction management with a look-up service for device and data classification based on semantics. Thingful has a US patent pending on its IoT data ranking algorithm "ThingRank" and is in the process of filing additional patents related to private IoT data transaction services. Moeen Khawaja