Discovering Start-Ups 2011– stimulating and enabling technology innovation

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Participating Companies:

Company/Organisation NameDescriptionCompany Contact
LearnerLane LtdLearnerLane combines technology + human expertise to help students discover expert one-to-one in-home tutors nearby at affordable rates. It’s extremely difficult for parents and students to find private tutors of a high quality nearby, who are active, trustworthy and affordable. Our primary research has shown that the majority of parents find a tutor with at least one of these vital attributes missing. With LearnerLane, parents can access a pool of expert academic in-home tutors within their local community consisting of top university graduates, school teachers, lecturers and much more. Richard Oki
CrowdEmotionCrowdEmotion captures emotions simply using a camera. Any webcam or device camera can be programmed to read facial emotion and thus measure stimulus engagement. Videos of users’ faces are processed automatically in the cloud and returned to the client in a dashboard of easily digested emotion metrics. Depending on client’s aims, the data stream can be tailored to provide objective-specific insights, i.e. satisfaction, appreciation, purchasing objectives etc.CrowdEmotion isn’t limited to facial coding. It can be easily modified to be applied to any consumer interaction process that is highly repeatable and allows for some sort of sensory capture. Matt Celuszak
RK Trans2cloudRK Trans2cloud Is aiming to be a pioneer in the field of cloud computing – Providing consulting, IT services, testing, training and solutions – Using leading cloud platforms such those provided by Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Shraddha H Shetty
Audio YHow do you share songs with your best friend? How do you listen to them together? That’s right, there’s no practical solution at the moment but to share earphones. Split The Beat solves that problem. Split The Beat is an audio sharing app like no other! The app connects 2 phones automatically on the go without the need for 3G or Wifi. Once connected the users can bring up a playlist or start a new one together, both users adding songs from their own library to their common playlist and listening to the songs together at the same time! Jonathan Neumann
Collectec LtdCollectec provide a revolutionary Click & Collect cloud based mobile service for retailers. The solution manages Click & Collect stock and the customer collection process in store or drive thru. Eliminating expensive dedicated labour and providing a fast convenient service customers enjoy. The solution provides full reporting allowing the retailer to see bottle necks in their operational process and measure the service they are providing for their customers. Customers use Click & Collect for convenience and to save time Collectec’s solution allows retailers to deliver this service for their customers and win in retails next biggest battle ground. Jolyon Platts
WriggleAll business have unsold capacity at certain times. Wriggle is a simple mobile app platform that helps these businesses to sell excess capacity at the last moment - focusing initially on the Food & Drink and Entertainment sectors. For users, it helps people who don't plan ahead to find last-moment offers at great local places - connecting spontaneous types with unsold capacity, and helping businesses to reduce waste. Robert Hall
NukliusWe match startup ideas with the skill sets needed to realise them. Nuklius is a platform which entrepreneurs can join to find co-founders with the skill sets they need to realise their own idea, or for entrepreneurs who don't have ideas to join one (but do have skills!). All of this is done on a proximity basis. Our vision is to create micro silicon-valley's everywhere. Stefan van der Fluit
Datamation LimitedEnter into any large company and you find hundreds, if not thousands, of disconnected systems. To run the business, data is extracted from the different systems’ databases, transformed, validated, cleansed and consolidated in a data repository to deliver reporting and analytics. The consolidated data represents a snapshot at the time it is extracted. So the process is repeated, on regular basis creating an costly overhead. If the data is connected and made readily accessible, not just for reporting, but also for interaction, these processes will not be necessary. This is what the Datamation universal Information Platform (uIP) delivers. Dr Kais Al-Timimi
Inova Design Solutions LtdInova Design Solutions Ltd is an innovative technology company specialising in the research, design, development and commercialisation of body sensing solutions to enhance performance and prevent illness. Our product is the first of its kind to be able to offer the measurement of vital physiological parameters in a single miniature device which is non-invasive and provides continuous real-time data wirelessly to a remote device such as a smartwatch or hub. Our patented technology has a host of applications including sport, healthcare and defence, and we have validated our feasibility prototype via a third party. Leon Marsh
Vital Life Tech‘Always Listening’ is a well-being and lifestyle application that allows people to pre-plan their responses to a personal crisis that they might encounter. The subscription application acts as a type of emotional insurance policy, so that while calm a person can plan for when they might be stressed, unhappy or in crisis. Simple, personally created messages, automatically delivered at the point of need, have been demonstrated to have a powerfully positive impact on people’s lives. Tobit Emmens
Beauty HumBeauty Hum is a review & search site for individual hairdressers, beauty therapists and makeup artists. Professionals can create a free or paid profile page, while visitors can read & write reviews, favourite professionals, request appointments and get in touch. Rather than trying to decide who to see at a salon, Beauty Hum helps you find the best professional for you. Lara Solomon
Nine TilesFlexilink is a digital networking technology that provides a guaranteed low-latency “synchronous” service for live audio and video (with per-flow reservation) and uses all the remaining bandwidth for a traditional best-effort service for IT traffic. Per-packet overheads are low, allowing audio to be sent in small packets, thus reducing both complexity and latency. A proof-of-technology implementation has been built to demonstrate the system's performance and the ease with which it can be configured; initially it is being marketed to the broadcast industry but it would also be ideal for mobile back-haul with a migration to end-to-end use. John Grant
Karisma KidzKarisma Kidz is a multi-award winning brand that creates online games and offline products that increases emotional intelligence in children aged 3-9. The core product is a digital adventure game that engages children and uses choice-based learning. In our world, children create their personalised avatars and get to play their way from places like fear farm and angry alley to gratitude gardens and love lane. The game enables children to identify, understand and regulate their moods while building happiness, confidence and resilience. Erika Brodnock
giftgaminggiftgaming® makes gamers love brands. It’s a patent-pending in-game advertising service where brands give virtual gifts (containing powerups and coupons) to players. This allows brands to help players get to the next level and build brand loyalty. In giftgaming-enabled games, a player is presented with a gift icon. After tapping this, they receive a powerup, and see the sponsoring brand, including any coupons offered. Our solution provides a global platform for advertisers to reach gamers, whilst enabling game publishers to earn money by brands sponsoring in-game items. Advertisers get charged on a commission basis according to impressions and coupons saved. Nicholas Hatter
RizeI am creating a gamified app that integrates therapeutic concepts into simple exercsises to help people to track and improve their mental well-being. In our first version we are integrating well known concepts such as mood tracking, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and behavioural activation. The Rize mission is to provide a supplementary tool for our users' mental well-being that will be: - Accessible - Engaging - Effective John Harper
AudiowingsAs screens get smaller and more content is created than ever before, audio is becoming the preferred method to passively consume great content. At Audiowings, we’re developing an audio-focused content distribution platform, that aggregates content from popular service providers like Spotify. This audio is then distributed directly to a premium pair of contextually aware smart headphones, that use wireless interfaces and micro-electronics sensors to determine the context of the user. Audiowings will be the platform of choice, delivering a unique stream of contextually relevant audio direct to your ears. Tailored for your location. Tailored for your mood. Tailored for you. Carl Thomas
CornerstoneCornerstone is a simple, more convenient way for men to shave - a flexible, regular delivery of razors and shaving products. It means that men always have everything they need for a great shave, without the fuss. We sell exclusively through out website at Oliver Bridge
SwipeSwipe is the presentation platform of the future. We help teachers, students, businesses and more present their ideas to anyone, anywhere, on any device in real-time. Upload anything in the browser or create beautiful html5 slides in seconds, get a link to share to anyone and then you can present live from any device. When you swipe to the next slide it changes for everyone viewing that URL. We make presentations interactive and two-way by letting the presenter interact with their audience through polls, drawing, and soon much more. Swipe has been used by more than 100,000 people during our beta, people that agree that this is the future of visual communication: mobile, browser-based, extremely simple, on-the-go and interactive. Horia Cernusca
Sideways 6Sideways 6 helps companies innovate using beautiful, intuitive cloud-based idea networks. Using Sideways 6, any employee of a company can start an idea network and begin solving business challenges within minutes. The company was founded by New Entrepreneurs Foundation alumni with the advise of successful internal communications software entrepreneurs. Following discussions with decision makers in innovation from multiple high profile companies, the Will Read
Billion Dollar BoyWe are building a marketplace for online content where content creators and brands can meet. Edward East
Powr of YouPowr of You ( is a market-research platform driven by consumer authenticated data, to help brands transform how they interface with consumers in today’s “constantly connected” world through analytics. Our platform provides brands valuable insights into consumer behavior, attitudes, and preferences by using real-time analytics via social media channels and internet browser analytics. We have built a marketplace where consumers can benefit from their data by opting-in to share it anonymously. In return, consumers earn cashback in the form of revenue sharing and learn about their quantified self and personal brand. Our vision: To empower every consumer through their data. Keshav Malani
PhaideOur product is called Housahedron and is essentially an easy to install thermal measuring and visualisation application. The kit comprises of a series of sensor strings which send temperature and soon air quality data to a 3d replica model of the room or building. The corresponding visualisation are in realtime and is viewed on a an enable web browser. James Pulver is an API service that creates context and surfaces named entities like people, companies, products, even when they’re not explicitly mentioned but are part of the narrative. All stated or implied entities, are represented in a Contextual Graph with information about their relationship type and weight of importance in the text. Martin Linkov
Office Essentialwe are a national online platform that assists startup Companies with advice and procurement solutions free of charge with everything they will need to get established with referring them to the very best local small business specialists from Accountants to IT experts Kirk Wyton is a new crowdfunding platform with a social feature, dedicated to empowering entertainment and art. Phundee has nine categories you can crowdfund for, art, theatre, film, dance, photography, gaming, literature, fashion and music. On our site we offer reward and equity based crowdfunding. We also have a social element where you build a profile of your self. This allows you to communicate with your crowd. This is good to get by in, also you can test new ideas on your crowd (valuable market research). We also have ambassadors to help guide your project and help it to be completed to the highest standard Jack Gaskin
WaveOptics Ltd.WaveOptics has developed a see-through, wearable augmented reality display (Smart Glasses). The patent pending technology is capable of delivering a light-weight, direct overlay, full colour, high field-of-view wearable display. The company is also poised take advantage of the economies of scale by leveraging highly mature manufacturing processes originally developed for the optical media (CD/DVD) replication industry. Dr Sumanta Talukdar
FilmiesFilmies is the new social network for film fans. It is a platform for discovering new films, and allows our users to bring their film conversations online. Filmies provides trusted peer-to-peer film recommendations from people that users know, whose opinion they value. Neil McClure
Chartburst LtdChartburst connects unsigned artists with major music industry contacts whilst providing a place for music fans to find the best in new music and influence the future of music discovery with the power of their vote. Francis Gane
AirstocAirstoc is split into two main sections: i) Stock Footage – Our website provides the perfect platform to showcase and sell aerial footage captured by the best Professional Drone/UAV Operators around the world. The drone/UAV industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK and world: ii) Job Referral – Due to having onboard the best professional drone/UAV operators spread across the globe, we will be providing an automated portal allowing customers to connect with the operators, creating an opportunity for aerial filming to be carried out anywhere eliminating huge amounts of time and cost Giles Moore