Discovering Start-Ups 2011– stimulating and enabling technology innovation

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Participating Companies:

Company/Organisation NameDescriptionCompany Contact
Colinked LtdsoundSYNK is a music playback app which instantly connects you and your friends together in the moment. when nearby you directly stream songs in sync to every mobile device around you. Creating a social network in the moment. soundSYNk is aimed at revolutionising how users interact with music by making the experience completely social. Edward Noel
Love HzLove Hz was formed to enable organisations, individuals and communities to build real-world wireless applications using valuable spectrum soon to be available in TV frequencies. We believe TV whitespace and spectrum sharing is the most significant change to communications regulation in recent years. It comes at a time when the Internet of Things is gasping for new long-range wireless connectivity. We intend to build and operate the infrastructure for companies or community groups who will benefit from sensor networks and broadband. Using workshops, consultancy and hack days we will grow the ecosystem and public understanding of whitespace. Ben Ward
Ubitech Ltd.UbiTech has developed an innovative software solution UbiNET(TM) to enable mobile phones and other devices to communicate directly with each other through the creation of a cooperative wireless network using voice, video and data. In the absence of a wireless network infrastructure, UbiNET equipped phones can form their own network to provide local or site communications amongst devices so smart phones can be used for both on-site and cellular communications. UbiTELL is the first application developed by UbiTech using the UBiNET platform to provide a new generation ubiquitous push-to-talk communication system. UbiTELL enables communication where 3G/LTE connectivity is not available. Dave Beanland
AlgoDynamixAlgoDynamix is a software company providing real time analysis solutions for the detection, classification and quantification of major events such as natural disasters (earthquakes and hurricanes) and financial disruptions (defaults and crashes). Using our technology, users will be able to accurately plan and react proactively when disaster happens thereby mitigating the financial impact and reducing operational risk. The highly innovative event model is based on complex system control theory and does not rely on any form of pattern recognition or historical data. Jeremy Sosabowski
DNAdigest.orgOpen sharing and easy access to DNA sequencing data from clinical samples is limited due to privacy concerns and interoperability difficulties. The lack of sharing impedes the progress of genomics research, affecting all genetic disease research from cancer to rare diseases. DNAdigest was founded in 2013 for the purpose of promoting and enabling open access, interoperability and secure sharing of genomics data for research. Our product is a portal for custom querying into genomics data repositories, shortening the research time and effort for discovery, access and processing of genomics data. Fiona Nielsen
ETAOI Systems LLPThe ETAOI Keyboard has been designed specifically for touch-screen devices, wearable computers, and the Internet of Things. Taking up 70% less of the screen than current keyboards, users type using sequences across 5 keys, based on the alphabet, optimised for the most frequently occurring letters. ETAOI is super compact, comfortably sized for all fingers, and extremely fast. ETAOI is a radical departure from the QWERTY system, which was designed to prevent mechanical keys from jamming. Piotr Pieczynski
Ether Books LtdEther Books is a mobile social commerce technology platform that enables individual writers (and Publishers' writers) to get published, get paid, and critically to engage directly with a global smartphone and tablet reading audience. Ether delivers its products as consumer apps on the device consumers never leave home without -- their smartphones! Ether has an experienced management team; Dr Mike Jones has a phd in Astros physics from Cambridge University. Dr Mike Jones
FlitterFlitter is the taxi booking app that makes it effortless for users to share their journey. You can choose whether you want to travel alone or would like to share your journey with a Facebook friend - or with other Flitter users - for a lower fare. Flitter automatically matches passengers who have similar journeys to make sure travelling is as efficient as possible. The opportunity to share journeys is a unique new feature and sets Flitter out from competitors like Hailo. As well as saving time and money, trip sharing also helps lower the environmental impact of taxi travel. Robin Smid
ScaNurseScaNurse is an entry for the US X Prize Qualcomm Tricorder competition to develop a handheld non-invasive, minimal contact medical device to diagnosis over 20 different diseases states. The device is aimed at the consumer market for self diagnosis and provide a level of confidence about the need to seek professional advice from the users clinician. The device will utilise both existing and new technologies and employ sensors in novel applications that breaks the mould of traditional diagnostic technologies. The success of the device will also involve of novel design form factors and user interface. Anil Vaidya
WhiteSpace Water Ltd.Development of a range of Weightless-based sensors for the water sector. Laurie Reynolds
Outside ViewOur goal is to make companies healthier, wealthier and happier with data. Our predictive analytics software helps companies quantify elite performance, recruit more effectively and predict when key employees may leave. Rob Symes
Simpalarm LtdSimpalarm is an effective and affordable device designed to provide within-family telecare. The device unobtrusively monitors a wide range of normal daily activities within the home such as movement, door opening, visitor arrival, water use and electricity use. The detected activity is communicated to a web-server, which family, friends and carers can view. Alerts are raised if abnormality in activity is detected. The device is wireless and tamper-proof, so ideal for installation in the home of someone who has dementia. James Savage
ChirpChirp is a new platform that allows consumers and businesses to share data using sound, in the form of electronic birdsong. Anything that makes sound (think TV, radios, smartphones and doorbells) can now broadcast cleverly designed sonic barcodes, called chirps. Patrick Bergel
TecVis LPWould you like to have a multi-sensory experience of your life? Our product provides a comprehensive lifelogging solution that records many aspects of your life. Example scenarios can be found on our website with information recorded including social, device-internal and physiological (e.g., heartrate) data. Information is visualised through engaging multimedia stories, compiled around meaningful events. Rich maps, word clouds or detailed timelines help the user to better understand what happened during their days. Currently a mobile-centric solution (Storica and AIRS applications in the Android market), we plan to launch a cloud-based system that integrates information across devices, including your desktop. Dirk Trossen
people2personsWe address the challenge of successfully delivering enterprise software projects. The aim is to shift project cost away from high risk integration, towards higher value software products, increasing the chances of success and freeing up funding for software innovation. We achieve this with Operational Integration Standards (OIS). This works at the operational, not IT level and can be applied to any market sector. Our offering is the tooling that enables each market to manage their own OIS and we provide best practice and training. Our consultancy supports each enterprise, software vendor, or integrator through their own process of exploiting OIS. Richard Mishra
SQR Systems LimitedSQR Systems develops technology to securely distribute video data over low bandwidth and bandwidth varying networks. Our technology has the unique capability of constantly optimising video in encrypted form. This allows video to be captured in high quality and transmitted to users with different bandwidths and computing power by optimising video in the network without ever decrypting. The network operator benefits by reducing their load caused by video data and users get a better experience through optimised video without worrying about decrypted data being leaked in the network. Applications for this technology are surveillance, defence, corporate and government communications. Nithin Thomas
AlphaFox Systems LtdCrystal Key is a proposed non-clonable (i.e. non-forgeable) and unique physical optical personal identification tag for mobile commerce personal authentication, that the consumer carries with them on their key-ring, etc. When verifying personal identity during making an m-commerce transaction, the mobile phone application asks the consumer to hold the Crystal Key up to the phone camera which would automatically take a photograph of it and compare the image of the random crystal array/pattern with that stored on a payment verification database for that consumer. If there is not a match between the two images, then the transaction will be denied. Dr Keith Barfoot
ProcessedBusiness processes are defined by experts but followed by anyone. When a router goes down, the person you call isn’t a design engineer, but a support technician who will run you through a script. The current tools to build these scripts and help both the expert and the technicians leave a lot to be desired. At #Processed we provide a tool to visually define complex processes and execute them online in a straighforward way. Business innovators can capture or revise processes using a flowchart-based tool. Processed then walks anyone step by step through the process, making sure nothing is missed. Joseph Finlayson