6th Discovering Start-Ups Competition – Meet the Entrants from the European Start-Up Scene

View the list of start-ups companies who have been shortlisted and will pitch at the Finals on 21 October 2015.

ConvergeConverge builds wireless, low-power connected sensor networks. The Converge node connects existing sensors in the heavy industries to an 868MHz power efficient sleepy mesh network. The data produced by the sensors then get sent to the converge platform, which ingests and analyses them in real-time. Applications include automating the monitoring process on construction sites, and detecting anomalies on machinery in manufacturing plants for preventative maintenance; both have potential to save companies millions of pounds a year. We've been working with one of the largest construction companies in Europe on connecting sensors on their sites to optimise the construction process. Raphael Scheps
SenseyeWe save companies up to 20% on their Operations and Maintenance costs by forecasting when machines will fail, so that pro-active action can be taken. Levering the IoT, Senseye specialises in advanced predictive analytics and machine learning, bringing to companies the benefits of condition based maintenance but in an easy to use way, with insights delivered using natural human language, so that no technical background is needed and all at a low cost. Smaller organisations can now benefit from prediction technology previously only available to larger companies and machines can be made more reliable whilst using less resources. Alexander Hill
CyberlyticSecurity analysts are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cyber-attacks, and there is a shortage of people with this skillset. Our software product uses machine learning and adaptive rules to provide real-time risk assessment of cyber attacks. Our software triages alerts and enables security teams to respond immediately to the most dangerous attacks. The Cyber Threat Profiler connects to existing security detection systems and accurately determines the relative risk of each cyber attack. The Cyber Threat Profiler reduces cyber-attack response times from days to minutes. Stuart Laidlaw
Ubitech LtdUbiTech vision is to develop IP-based user-centric and personalised ubiquitous services based on our UBiNET platform. Our innovative technology provides self-organised wireless device communication protocols that have the ability of cognition. Thus, the ubiquitous services are intelligent, autonomous and adaptive to ambient conditions in order to provide users with highest quality communication. Our first products employing the UbiNET platform are (1) UbiMessenger - a peer to peer wireless communication application for voice, data and file share recently launched on PlayStore (2) Ubishare - lecture and presentation material distribution for the education and conference markets (3) UbiVote - audience feedback and voting for the education and conference markets Dave Beanland
Undo SoftwareLive Recorder transforms the process of debugging software. It allows Linux and Android programs to make detailed recordings of themselves and uses UndoDB, Undo Software’s ground-breaking reversible debugger, to find the root cause of bugs. The recording allows a developer to see everything a program has done, including every memory access made and every instruction executed. It can be sent to a developer(s) at a remote location who can completely reconstruct the program's execution, allowing them to debug an exact copy of the bug as it occurred in production and test environments, fixing bugs in minutes, not weeks. Niamh Gallagher
Nwave Technologies Nwave’s communications technology is releasing the potential of the IoT in everything from smart cities to smart farming, by enabling IoT devices to transmit real-time data over distances of 10km in urban environments, using extremely low power, and allowing them to operate off a single battery for several years. Matthew Phillips
NotifyedNotifyed is a secure one-way group messaging app from teachers to students and parents.Teachers currently communicate with students and parents in ineffective and unnecessarily costly ways. Notifyed enables teachers to instantly send messages to students and parents. They receive push notifications as they do from other messaging apps. Notifyed can be used on all devices and is free with unlimited messages.Messages are one-way as we appreciate how busy teachers and lecturers are. To save them time we've built a 'Schedule Message' feature. 'Read Receipts' tells them who has/has not read the message. Suzanne Ashman Blair
GiveVisionGiveVision is a sophisticated software suite that powers smart glasses to be used as eyes for blind people. Developed by an experienced team of software engineers, two completely blind, it is designed to increase the independence and mobility of blind and visually impaired by converting visual information to audio cues. Our technology is a hands-free solution that enables smart glasses (equipped with a camera) to recognise objects, text, products, signs, people, places and talk to the wearer through a bone-conducting headphone. Stan Karpenko
ZapToBuy LtdZapToBuy's software and app will allow consumers to easily call up product information and purchase items they see on screen. This technology will revolutionise the product placement market delivering a range of benefits for consumers, advertisers and visual media producers. We will facilitate a dramatic reduction in irritating and often ineffective, direct advertising, as products will be integrated into programmes and films. We will facilitate a considerable flow of funds to producers and greatly simplify the funding of film and TV projects. Na'ím Anís Peymán
GeneAdviserGeneAdviser is an online marketplace for genetic testing making it easy for doctors to search for and order tests online from accredited laboratories. The GeneAdviser catalogue covers a wide range of tests, easily searchable, with information to guide clinicians in choosing the right tests. As a social enterprise based in Cambridge, UK, our mission is to make genetic testing more accessible for patients with rare diseases. Jelena Aleksic
1248 Ltd.1248 Device Manager helps companies manage their connected products, allowing them to cross the scaling barrier from low volumes (1000's) into high volumes (1,000,000's). Pilgrim Beart
RFMOD (RF Module & Optical Design Limited)RFMOD Introduce BeanIoT(TM) a consumer focussed "wearable", hugely deployable, "Edge-Node" for the Internet of Things. The product leverages the latest in wireless technology and multiple sensors in a common hardware, which is easily reconfigured through new and novel human interaction (UX) or mobile App. The service includes secure collection of the consumer's own "Big Data" and places the user in full control of dissemination to Data-as-a-Service partners, such as Energy suppliers, Fitness and Health professionals or in a commercial context, farm or factory owners. New, fun, surprising, useful.BeanIoT(TM) is capable of being an "Air-mouse" Tracker or simple environmental sensor. Andrew Holland
Crypta LabsCrypta Labs is Cyber Security Startup that is developing a Quantum (True) Random Number Generator. This scientific advancement means that Crypta Labs joins a prestigious group of less dozen companies in the world that has this capability. However, what makes us unique is that we're the only company in the world, which we know of, that is commercialising this on a MOBILE DEVICE. Our 'true' random number is generated from the quantum properties of light where we use the mobile device's lens and light sensors to detect the photons beams and we count these photons to generate a random number. Joe Luong
PurrMetrixPurrMetrix does one simple thing: a detailed, real time heatmap of commercial buildings. Adding location to temperature data helps managers monitor performance of heating and cooling in offices, data centres and other buildings. HVAC – although it’s 40% of energy consumed in commercial premises - lacks simple, affordable monitoring tools. For office managers this means a constant stream of complaints and high energy bills. Data centre managers struggle to find a sweet spot between huge cooling costs and high rates of failure. Purr’s array of sensors feeds a web app that transforms data into actionable information, saving money and improving performance. Hermione Crease
Thingful LimitedThingful is an IoT search engine in beta release since Q3 2014. Today it indexes millions of connected objects globally that are on public data infrastructures. Thingful will provide private IoT search and access based on entitlements for enabling data transactions for B2B customers. The data transaction management service will be based on a decentralised trustless architecture. Thingful will enhance its transaction management with a look-up service for device and data classification based on semantics. Thingful has a US patent pending on its IoT data ranking algorithm "ThingRank" and is in the process of filing additional patents related to private IoT data transaction services. Moeen Khawaja