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Cambridge Wireless Digital Delivery and Content SIG event

  “With the DTT platform being squeezed, what are the alternative platforms for content providers?”

Tuesday 16th July 2013

The Digital Delivery and Content SIG is championed by Tim Cook of Arqiva and Graham Norgett of Cellmetric

Chris Nokes, Principal R&D Engineer at BBC Research & Development, - "DTT: The cornerstone for the delivery TV services to UK viewers"

Peter Couch, Head of Strategy Development for Digital Platforms at Arqiva - "Achieving a sustainable DTT platform in the UK"  - Videos for slides 7 & 8 unavailable

Ilse Howling from Freeview - "Freeview: 'Protecting value and accessibility to UK citizens"

Graham Plumb, Principle Advisor, Radio and TV Broadcast, Ofcom - "Protecting the future of the DTT Platform from the Mobile Data capacity squeeze"