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Academic & Industry and Software/Open Source SIG event
‘Open source and open data: Open for Innovation and Open for Business’
10 December 2015

We are extremely grateful to IDEALondon for hosting this event.

This Joint SIG is championed by John Bechtel of Badger Pass, Phillip Burr of ARM, Bozidar Radunovic of Microsoft Research Cambridge and Ian Wassell of University of Cambridge

Please click on the presentation titles below to view the slides:-

John Fox of University of Oxford: ‘ an open access, open source model for crowdsourcing and sharing expertise’
Andy Harter of RealVNC: 'Some reflections on open source'
Jozef Dobos of 3D Repo Ltd: ‘Academia to Real World’
Marta Teperek of University of Cambridge: ‘Open Data - From policy to practice: the unexpected effects of data sharing policies’