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Joint EEN and CW Business SIG event
'Lets get real - exploring different funding options for your early stage company'
26 January 2016

We are grateful to Enterprise Europe Network for their support of this event and St John's Innovation Centre for hosting

The Business SIG is championed by Clennell Collingwood, TTP, Soraya Jones, St John's Innovation Centre and Leo Poll, Akendi

Please click on the presentation titles below to view the slides

David Gill, St John's Innovation Centre (representing EEN), 'The Funding Landscape - the history , the trends, and the future of investments'

Goncalo de Vasconcelos, SyndicateRoom, ‘Crowdfunding: supporting entrepreneurs for years to come’

Matthew Scherba, Breed Reply, ‘Start Me Up!’

Mark Wiseman, Barclays, ‘Early Stage Companies, can your bank help with funding?’ [Presentation currently unavailable]