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Small Cell SIG

7 December 2016

'Small Cells enable new commercial business models'

The Small Cell SIG is championed by David Chambers of ThinkSmallCell, Simon Fletcher of Real Wireless, Neil Piercy of ip.access and Simon Saunders of Google.

Click on the titles to view the slides:

'Patenting trends in Small Cell technology' - James Seymour and Adam Wylie of EIP

'2016: the year the world turned upside-down (except that enterprise coverage is still lamentable)' - Nick Johnson of ip.access

'The promise of Multefire' - Dirk Lindemeier of Multefire Alliance

'Small Cells and shared spectrum' - Simon Saunders of Google (This presentation cannot be made available)

'Update on Ofcom's mobile data strategy' - Federico Boccardi of Ofcom (This presentation cannot be made available)