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09/11/2017 'The Time is Ripe for Innovations' Virtual Networks SIG - Cambridge
06/07/2017 'It’s all about the people!' Business SIG event - London - FREE EVENT
04/07/2017 'Radio Technology: Realising the future' Joint Academic & Industry and Radio Technology SIG event - London - FREE EVENT
29/06/2017 'Is small-cell thinking changing the face of remote and rural coverage?' Small Cell SIG event - Cambridge
20/06/2017 'Unlocking 'remote monitoring' for effective diabetes care' - Healthcare SIG event - Cambridge
13/06/2017 'Broadcasting New Media - is 5G a solution or a diversion?' Digital Delivery and Content SIG event - London
07/06/2017 CW International Conference 2017 - Connecting Generations
11/05/2017 Artificial Intelligence & Mobility– the business implications
09/05/2017 'State of the Nation - Use cases for Public Safety' Mobile Broadband SIG event - Cambridge
27/04/2017 'Why should you have UX in your organisation' User Experience SIG event - Cambridge
25/04/2017 ‘Managing an International Cyber Incident: Legal Considerations During Aftermath of a Breach’ Legal SIG event - London
11/04/2017 ‘Answering the scale-up challenge for Cities’ – Smart & Intelligent Cities SIG event – London
06/04/2017 'How the crime business grew out of recession' Security SIG event - Cambridge
30/03/2017 CWIC Starter: Healthcare - Cambridge
28/03/2017 CWIC Starter: LPWAN & IoT - Cambridge
23/03/2017 CWIC Starter: Transport and Mobility - London
20/03/2017 CWIC Starter: Immersive - London
09/03/2017 IoTUK LP-WAN Boost Meet up
08/02/2017 'Virtual Networks in 5G - Opportunities or Hype?' Virtual Networks SIG Event - Adastral Park
25/01/2017 'What do users and applications really need for ubiquitous positioning?' - Location SIG Event - London
23/01/2017 'Radio Systems for Mission-Critical IoT Communications' - Radio Technology SIG Event - London
15/12/2016 'Boring but lucrative, the real Internet of Things' - Connected Devices SIG Event - Homerton College, Cambridge
07/12/2016 ‘Small Cells enable new commercial business models’ - Small Cell SIG Event – London
30/11/2016 ‘IoT Security: Will the Internet of Things be secure enough to run your life?’ Software/Open Source SIG Event - Cambridge
17/11/2016 '5G – from Standards to Use Cases' - Mobile Broadband SIG Event – Melbourn nr Cambridge
08/11/2016 Debate 2 of the CW 5G Debate Series in association with the National Infrastructure Commission – London
07/11/2016 'App-ocalypse! - Life after the Smartphone App' Future Devices SIG Event - London
27/10/2016 Legal SIG 'Battle of the Terms: Negotiating a Series A Term Sheet' - London
24/10/2016 Debate 1 of the CW 5G Debate Series in association with the National Infrastructure Commission – London
13/10/2016 User Experience SIG 'Virtually There: At the Cusp of a Mixed Reality Revolution' - Cambridge
04/10/2016 Wireless Healthcare SIG 'What future evolution of remote monitoring in the community will speed up its impact on hospital admission and bed occupancy?' - Cambridge
28/09/2016 'Don't panic about IoT Security, new technology will sort it out' - Security & Defence SIG event - London
22/09/2016 Innovation? Business models rule - Business SIG event – London, Free to attend
13/07/2016 'Big Radio' – Radio Technology SIG event - Salford - FREE TO ATTEND
05/07/2016 ‘Connected vehicles - the ultimate IoT sensor?' - Automotive and Transport SIG event - London
21/06/2016 8th Future of Wireless International Conference 'The Future Connected World: Ubiquitous Wireless, Transforming Industries' - London
07/06/2016 'Virtual Reality – technology revolution or just a game?' – Digital Delivery & Content SIG event – London
24/05/2016 'The Internet of Things – Behind the Hype – Opportunities and the Challenges of Securing Investment' - CW Track Session at Venturefest East
27/04/2016 'Small Cells Big Solutions – Operating larger networks' – Small Cell SIG event – London
14/04/2016 ‘The Brutal Reality of the Future of Connected Devices’ – Connected Devices SIG Event - Cambridge
06/04/2016 ‘The Connected Car: The Next 500 Million Connections’ – Mobile Broadband SIG event – Cambridge
28/01/2016 'Connected healthcare – connected to legality? - Legal SIG event - London
26/01/2016 'Let’s get real! - exploring different funding options for your early stage company' - Joint Business SIG & Enterprise Europe Network event - Cambridge
20/01/2016 'Location data – finding the needle in the haystack' - Location Based Systems/Services SIG event - Cambourne, Cambridge
10/12/2015 'Open source and open data: Open for Innovation and Open for Business' - Academic & Industry and Software/Open Source SIG event - London 'LIMITED FREE PLACES'
02/12/2015 ‘Wireless in the built environment' Radio Technology SIG event - London
26/11/2015 ‘Smart-Phone vs Smart-Thing’ – Future Devices SIG event – London
19/11/2015 'Sharing innovative practices' – Future Technology SIG event - London - FREE TO ATTEND
03/11/2015 ‘Pushing NFV/SDN to the edge through Mobile Edge Computing’ - Virtual Networks SIG event - London
16/10/2015 ‘75 years of radar' - Wireless Heritage SIG event - Norfolk
13/10/2015 ‘The cupboard is bare: how technology can address key unmet needs in mental health’ - Wireless Healthcare SIG event - Cambridge
07/10/2015 The CW Prestigious Lecture Series ‘Thought Leaders in Wireless’ – Cambridge
01/10/2015 Connected & Autonomous Vehicles - Safe, Cyber-Secure, Private? How confident are you? Automotive & Transport SIG event - Milton Keynes
29/09/2015 ‘Technology without borders: how to assert sovereignty in a connected world’ – Joint Security & Defence SIG and KTN event - London - FREE TO ATTEND
24/09/2015 ‘Does Cloud RAN/Network Virtualisation mean the end for Small Cells?’ – Small Cell SIG event - Cambridge
17/09/2015 'Evolution of LTE and WiFi Roles as 4G Develops towards 5G' - Mobile Broadband SIG event - London
16/09/2015 'IoT – Internet of Things or Islands of Things?' – Joint Connected Devices SIG & techUK event – London
08/07/2015 ‘Turning Full-Duplex Radio Into Reality’ – Radio Technology SIG event – Bristol
01/07/2015 CW Legal Briefing – Part 1: ‘Essential Legal Issues to Consider for your Business’ - London
01/07/2015 CW Legal Briefing – Part 2: 'The upcoming Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court: opportunities, threats and what should my business be doing now to prepare?' - London
23/06/2015 The 7th Future of Wireless International Conference
14/05/2015 'Life Changing Design' - UX SIG event - Cambridge
07/05/2015 ‘The End of Network Architecture’ - Virtual Networks SIG event - Melbourn, nr Royston
23/04/2015 'Delivering Big Data: Practical solutions with an emphasis on open source' - Big Data SIG event – London
21/04/2015 ‘The Smart Home – Third time lucky!’ Connected Devices SIG event – Cambridge
02/04/2015 'How Innovation is Reinventing Rail Travel' - Automotive and Transport SIG - Cambridge
24/03/2015 CW Technical and Engineering Conference - London
19/03/2015 ‘Empowering people: measuring imperceptible movements’ – Location-based Systems/Services SIG event - Cambridge LIMITED FREE PLACES
17/03/2015 'Internet of Things Workshop' - Joint Innovate UK and Legal SIG Event - London
12/03/2015 'My HealthKit Toolbox' - Wireless Healthcare SIG event - Cambridge
25/02/2015 ‘Creating a Research Agenda at a Grand Scale – The 1 billion-euro Graphene Story’ – Academic and Industry SIG event - Cambridge - FREE TO ATTEND
19/02/2015 ‘RF testing - from the archives' - Wireless Heritage SIG event, Stevenage
17/02/2015 ‘Small Unmanned Air Systems – Enforcement Tool or Security Threat?’ – Security & Defence SIG, jointly supported by KTN - London - FREE TO ATTEND
11/02/2015 The CW Prestigious Lecture Series in association with the IET - 'Thought Leaders in Wireless' - London
03/02/2015 ‘5G: A Practical Approach’ – Radio Technology SIG & Small Cell SIG event - London
28/01/2015 'The future is already with us – how younger users of today’s technology will drive the technology of tomorrow' - Future Devices SIG event – Cambridge
20/01/2015 Internet of Things Launchpad 2: Suppliers’ Showcase – Joint Innovate UK and Business SIG event, in association with Tech City UK - FREE TO ATTEND
15/01/2015 'Best Practice For End to End Software Security' - Software & Open Source SIG event - Cambridge
17/12/2014 ‘Mobile Broadband in the Real World: a look at current and innovative uses’ – Mobile Broadband SIG event - Cambridge
09/12/2014 ‘Living in the Virtual World' - Future Technology SIG event - Cambridge
04/12/2014 ‘Setting the Right Expectations for a Radical Future' - Virtual Networks SIG event - Bath
02/12/2014 'The Road to the Autonomous Vehicle' - Automotive and Transport SIG Event - Silverstone
27/11/2014 ‘Signals in War and Peace’ - Wireless Heritage SIG event - Bletchley Park
25/11/2014 'Pharmaceutical Sensors of the Future: High Street or High Value' - Joint Wireless Healthcare SIG & One Nucleus Event - Cambridge
06/11/2014 'The Evolution and Future of Digital Radio'- Digital Delivery & Content SIG - London
30/10/2014 ‘Information Rock & Roll: How Big Data has made analytics sexy!’ – A Big Data SIG event - London
21/10/2014 The Cambridge Wireless Prestigious Lecture Series ‘Thought Leaders in Wireless’
09/10/2014 'Wearables – The Internet of Us' - Connected Devices SIG Event - London
01/10/2014 ‘Interoperability of Small Cells & the existing cellular networks - What’s the hold up?’- Small Cell SIG Event - London
30/09/2014 'Unshackling the Wearable Revolution - How UX Can Help Realise the Potential of Wearable Devices' User Experience SIG event - Cambridge
25/09/2014 ‘Advanced Techniques for Radio Transmitters’ a Radio Technology SIG Event - Cambridge
16/09/2014 ‘Critical National Infrastructure in the Commercial World’– Security & Defence SIG - London
16/07/2014 'Making Research Relevant to Industry' - Academic and Industry SIG event - Cambridge
10/07/2014 ‘Where’s the Money in Open Source?’ - Software/Open Source SIG Event - Cambridgeshire