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Archived Resources

08/07/2014 'Internet of Things Launchpad 2' – London and Cambridge
30/06/2014 The Future of Wireless International Conference 2014
19/06/2014 Special Event delivered by CW: ‘Wirelessly Connecting the Internet of Things’
19/06/2014 Legal Briefing - ‘Introducing qLegal: Providing the small print for BIG IDEAS’
12/06/2014 Fostering Health Innovation: Associated with EAHSN & HEE - Wireless Healthcare SIG event
10/06/2014 BlackBerry 10 – The Future for Developers
05/06/2014 ‘Precise Location; Myth or Reality’ - Location-based Systems/Services SIG event
29/05/2014 ‘LTE Evolution - Five years on - The Promise, Reality and Future’ - a Mobile Broadband SIG Event
15/05/2014 'The State of the Nation' an Automotive & Transport SIG Event
08/05/2014 'Radical Future, Pragmatic Beginnings' - a Virtual Networks SIG Event
10/04/2014 Security & Defence SIG Event
08/04/2014 Digital Delivery and Content SIG Event ‘What Network is Fit for Purpose?’
03/04/2014 ‘Stretching the Limits’ - Small Cell SIG event
27/03/2014 'On Trend – High Fashion meets High Technology' Future Devices SIG event
25/03/2014 'Big Data: The Value of the Needle in a Haystack of Needles' Inaugural Big Data SIG event
20/03/2014 'Do Patients Really Matter?' - Joint User Experience & Wireless Healthcare SIG event
13/03/2014 'IoT – Brave New World or Simply Evolved M2M?' - Connected Devices SIG
12/03/2014 Joint ICT KTN & Health and Medicines KTN event, delivered by Cambridge Wireless ‘Big Data in Health’
05/03/2014 Cambridge Wireless Business SIG in association with and supported by Aston Business School
18/02/2014 Legal Briefing – ‘Performance Management of Employees’
13/02/2014 The Cambridge Wireless Prestigious Lecture Series ‘Thought Leaders in Wireless’
06/02/2014 Wireless Heritage SIG - ‘100 Years of Radio’
30/01/2014 Joint ICT KTN and Radio Technology SIG Event ‘Millimeter-Wave Radios: Challenges and Opportunities’
21/01/2014 Small Cell SIG Event - ‘Small Cells and the Enterprise’
18/12/2013 Inaugural Future Technology SIG
12/12/2013 Joint ICT KTN and Academic & Industry SIG Event
05/12/2013 Legal Briefing ‘Mobile Virtual Network Operators’
04/12/2013 Mobile Broadband SIG Event 'Mobile networks: The Advent of Machines - Are you ready?'
28/11/2013 'Future Internet: Aligning Social and Technological Innovation'
26/11/2013 Joint ICT KTN and Cambridge Wireless Security and Defence SIG
21/11/2013 Joint ICT KTN and User Experience SIG Event
14/11/2013 Software and Open Source SIG Event ‘The Challenge of Things’
07/11/2013 Connected Devices SIG Event ‘2020 - Visions of a Connected World’
23/10/2013 ‘Locations and Beyond 2013: Knowing where you will be tomorrow (means so much more)’
10/10/2013 Joint ICT KTN and Radio Technology SIG Event ‘New Materials, Devices and Circuit Techniques for RF’
09/10/2013 ICT KTN presents ‘Horizon 2020 for ICT’
26/09/2013 Cambridge Wireless Healthcare SIG in association with IET, Cambridge Biomedical Campus and EAHSN
19/09/2013 Cambridge Wireless Small Cell SIG Event ‘Aligning Small Cell Incentives’
17/09/2013 International SIG ‘Renewable Energy: Going Green in the East’
16/07/2013 Digital Delivery and Content SIG Event
01/07/2013 The Future of Wireless International Conference 2013
25/06/2013 Legal Briefing - 'Mobile Payment Platforms'
23/05/2013 User Experience SIG Event - Context Awareness as the Digital Sixth Sense
21/05/2013 Future Devices SIG Event 'Home is where the Hub is – the battle for control of your home'
16/05/2013 Joint ICT KTN and Radio Technology SIG Event - ‘Technology for Radio Coexistence’
08/05/2013 Cambridge Wireless Mobile Broadband SIG Event in association with Intellect
30/04/2013 Blackberry 10 - The Future for Developers
18/04/2013 Connected Devices SIG ‘Wireless Security and the Internet of Things'
11/04/2013 Joint ICT KTN and Cambridge Wireless Security & Defence SIG