CW Technology & Engineering Conference 2016
The Quantum Revolution is coming! How will quantum technologies disrupt wireless?

14 September 2016
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Setting the scene - Neil Stansfield, Head, Knowledge, Innovation, and Futures Enterprise (no slides)
How to build a quantum computer, and why - Colin Williams, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, D-Wave
How to build a universal quantum computer - John Morton, Professor of Nanoelectronics & Nanophotonics, UCL
The end of cryptography as we know it - Michael Brown, CTO, ISARA Corporation
The UK Quantum Technology Programme and Funding Opportunities - Richard Murray, Lead Technologist, Emerging Technologies and Industries, Innovate UK
The quantum challenge and opportunity - Paul Martin, CTO, Plextek
Securing tomorrow's data using QKD - Zhiliang Yuan, Team Leader, Toshiba Research Europe
Our own right time - Patrick Gill, Co-Director, NPL Quantum Metrology Institute, National Physical Laboratory
Quantum sensing, positioning and navigation - Trevor Cross, CTO, e2v