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Nokia is a leader in the fields of network infrastructure, location-based technologies and advanced technologies. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and with operations around the world, Nokia invests in the technologies of the future.

Nokia has three strong businesses: Nokia Networks, a network infrastructure business; HERE, a location intelligence business; and Nokia Technologies, which is focused on technology development and intellectual property rights activities.  

Nokia Technologies develops and licenses cutting-edge innovations that are powering the next revolution in computing and mobility: the “programmable world” where intelligent connections bring millions of everyday objects online and create exciting new possibilities.  

Through Nokia Technologies, Nokia will invest in the further development of its industry-leading innovation portfolio. This will include expanding our successful IP licensing program, helping other companies and organizations benefit from our breakthrough innovations, and exploring new technologies for use in potential future products and services. 

At the heart of Nokia Technologies is a world-class research and development team. Our scientists, engineers and licensing experts draw on deep expertise in areas ranging from imaging and sensing, wireless connectivity and power management, to advanced materials and beyond.

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