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PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group offers technology development and technology consulting services across a broad range of sectors. At our International Technology Centre, we develop award-winning products, automation and manufacturing processes, and help clients understand and use technology more effectively

In particular, PA’s technology team focuses on developing new products for clients across a broad range of sectors, including healthcare, communications and electronics, consumer products and defence and we provide a one-stop product development service to clients who wish to take a product to market, from initial concepts, through design and development and into manufacture, supply chain set-up and support.

Our mobile wireless capabilities include leading-edge technology consultancy in all wireless technology issues such as LTE and the emerging 5G, through to product development in areas such as chipset, software, core technology and femtocells.

We have a full design development and prototyping capability at the component, board and software level, and support a wide range of studies, investigations and analysis in the use and deployment of new wireless and communications technologies.

Our experts cover a wide range of electronic systems, from mobile phones through to industrial control systems. We have a special focus on fixed and mobile telecoms, where we have helped to develop a wide range of products and services – from handsets through to new network roll outs.

Clients include vendors, carriers, users and regulators and we help them to maximise the effective use of new technologies, to reach the market quickly, and to optimise the deployment of scarce resources such as spectrum and Intellectual Property.

Tel :  01763 261222
Membership :  CW_FM_100PLUS
Fax :  01763 260023
Address :  Cambridge Technology Centre, Melbourn, Herts
Postcode :  SG8 6DP
Country :  United Kingdom
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Size :  101-200 Staff