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Omniplug Technologies

Omniplug Technologies

Omniplug Technologies

Omniplug licenses technology that makes it easy and efficient to automatically transfer large amounts of data to and from mobile devices. Our system can be used to automatically upload and download large amounts of data to and from any USB device over fixed line broadband.

Content is automatically delivered where it is needed, before it is needed, in the right format for the device. We have a prototype USB charger called the RatPlug that demonstrates pictures, videos and podcasts being automatically loaded and unloaded on a wide range of devices.

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The RatPlug is designed to facilitate the delivery of large media files to and from portable devices. It does this by automatically uploading and downloading fat files over the fixed boardband network while the user charges the battery of their device.

What problems does this solve for our customers and partners?
1) it makes time for the delivery of large media files when the user is not impatiently waiting for their stuff
2) charging a device is a repetitive behaviour that brings customers back for more (power and media)
3) it uses the lowest cost internet capacity (fixed broadband), saving wireless capacity for live services
4) it uses 70% less power than a laptop running iTunes and unlike iTunes works with most non-Apple devices

If you make content or provide content to portable devices, the RatPlug can help you and your users connect regularly. You can get new stuff to your customers before they even think to look for it.

If you make portable devices that capture and/or playback large media files, the RatPlug offers you both vertical and horizontal integration opportunities. You can use the RatPlug alongside your product to help them manage their media collection online and on the device. You can also use the RatPlug to move content between devices - moving photos directly onto a digital picture frame for example.

The biggest gains from RatPlug technology though will come from the efficient utilisation of network capacity that connects portable devices. Omniplug was founded to "sideload", or "offload" very large media files to modern handheld devices with tens of gigabytes of storage. There seems little sense in flooding the mobile networks (that any many cases don't yet exist) with junk media when we have an abundance of capacity on fixed line networks.

For all the demand for NGN, it must be noted that there is this abundance of capacity. NGN is all about peak speeds greater than X at any given point in time. What is ignored is that the average UK broadband connection of 4.6Mbps is capable of delivering around 1.5 Terabytes a month of data under full utilisation.

The RatPlug makes the connection between this capacity and the portable device. Our technology makes it possible for the automatic delivery of pictures, videos and podcasts to occur when the fixed networks are at their quietest and when the user is not waiting for it all to happen.

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