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Badger Pass

Badger Pass

Badger Pass

Badger Pass works with tech entrepreneurs on business operations, allowing them to focus on the key strategic areas of their business including the invention and the business model.

Badger Pass enables early stage businesses to demonstrate to investors that they are ready.

Badger Pass turns inventions into complete products, orders into revenue and start-ups into valuable businesses.

Badger Pass is a UK-based consultancy that helps small technology companies grow efficiently and deliver effectively. Tech entrepreneurs naturally focus on their invention, their idea, the “thing”; and then the funding and the first sale. It’s easy to neglect the rest of what makes a product complete, or to lose sight of the long term business they want to build.

Badger Pass focuses on business operations, including developing and implementing sensible size operational processes and professionally managing internal and customer-facing projects. 

Badger Pass allows early stage businesses to demonstrate to investors that they are ready, and day-by-day helps our clients turn their inventions into complete products, their orders into revenue and themselves into valuable businesses. 

Tel :  07986 352210
Membership :  CW_FM_1-5
Address :  146 Glenalmond Avenue, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Postcode :  CB2 8DH
Country :  United Kingdom
Website :
Size :  1-5 Staff