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CentriHealth UK

CentriHealth UK

CentriHealth UK

CentriHealth: A leading innovator in health information systems combining healthcare knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies. CentriHealth’s Individual-Health-Record (IHR), a new health infrastructure, enables individuals and their caregivers to collaborate in an intelligent fashion about each person’s health. The IHR transforms the fragmented information from disparate sources into a unified individual-centric solution.

CentriHealth has developed a unique approach and solution suite, the CentriHealth Individual Health Record® or CentriHealth IHR® that creates useful and usable integrated health records for individuals and their caregivers. CentriHealth’s research shows that for the first time in over a century, health care is changing in a fundamental way.

For generations, health care has been provider-led and organization-based. But looking forward, health care is becoming individual-centered and consumer-driven. This change has profound ramifications for everyone involved in health and health care. This is creating a new, vibrant market need. As individuals increasingly control their own health destiny, health care stakeholders face a constant need to change and adapt their business models, information systems, and infrastructures to survive. The biggest deficiency in the current health care delivery system is the lack of any place where information about an individual comes together.

CentriHealth’s IHR is a new health infrastructure that enables individuals and their caregivers to collaborate in an intelligent fashion about each person’s health. CentriHealth’s IHR, by design, is an account of what matters most to the care and well-being of an individual, made available when and where needed to all those that should have it in a maximally useful and fully interactive form; it enables individuals and their caregivers to make informed choices about their health using all available information.

CentriHealth’s IHR accomplishes this far-reaching mission by exploiting the trusted, extant, rich data sources available in hospitals, practice electronic health records (EHRs), pharmacies, laboratories, telecare & telehealth services, other systems and the individuals themselves. The IHR uniquely re-purposes and transforms the information to provide a single personalised, organized record that is immediately available for care delivery and health enhancement.

The CentriHealth IHR transforms the fragmented information from the world of institutional systems into a unified individual-centric solution. The IHR provides a ‘Health Information Exchange (IHR-HIE)’ for connecting systems across health settings, including the individual’s home, an ‘Electronic Health Record (IHR-EHR)’ for healthcare professionals and a ‘Personal Health Record (IHR-PHR)’ for individuals and/or their non-professional carers. The presentations, detail, and language are very different between them all, but all are working from a shared record and shared protocols, rules, and quality measures.

CentriHealth’s IHR is much more than just a collector and viewer of health information. It incorporates innovative data management and workflow enhancing capabilities that leverages the latest in service-oriented architecture (SOA), a Health Ontology engine, a patented Single Semantic Best Record (SBR) and sophisticated rules to change the nature and use of clinical information systems. The IHR is a revolutionary new information system that supports organizations in responding to the changing world of healthcare, while enabling individuals and their caregivers to make informed choices about their health. CentriHealth’s solution has been designed to address a range of organizations from large multi-million life organizations down to smaller scale operations covering tens of thousands of lives.

CentriHealth is focused on those who wish to reorient their organizations to increase the focus on individuals and individual-centric health and care enhancement. CentriHealth’s buyers include a wide cross-section of organizations, usually with differing drivers, that provide or depend upon health or the health of their employees for their business to be successful. CentriHealth’s customers range from major USA Health Plans through to niche health services vendors such as Appello Telehealth Ltd in the UK.

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