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Developer of open software and solutions.

Large corporations in all industry sectors, particularly those that have grown through mergers and acquisitions, spend astronomical sums on maintaining dated systems, or “silos” – the dinosaurs of the IT world. It is reported ( that one bank was spending to £1.5bn a year at a time when it was having major system failures.

Imagine therefore how profitability can be transformed if these overheads can be eliminated. How? By adopting a simple approach that has successfully been used for over hundred years! Building hardware products from interoperable components brought year-on-year reduction in cost and improvement in functionality, performance, reliability and ease of use.

For a proof, one only has to look at how the mobile phone was transformed, in 20 years, from a “brick” to being a communication device, camera, photo album, music centre, satnav and encyclopaedia all in one! This is exactly what the Datamation universal Information (uIP) makes possible.

Moreover, data itself can be built and traded as interoperable components. Imagine the impact this will make in the fields of Open Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. Also imagine how many new industries will be created in the eco-system it generates. Think of Unipart, GKN and Weir Pumps in the automotive, aerospace and process sectors respectively. The Datamation uIP makes this happen too.

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