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J A Kemp

J A Kemp

J A Kemp

UK and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

J A Kemp is one of the largest UK and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firms, with offices in London, Oxford and Munich. J A Kemp files more than 1300 European patent applications annually and is one of the top three firms for handling European filings originating in Japan.

J A Kemp is also a leader in handling work within Europe for US clients, with more than a third of the firm’s business originating in the USA. J A Kemp’s attorneys draft, file and prosecute patent applications and register trade marks and designs anywhere in the world. They advise on all aspects of IP strategy.

The firm helps clients to manage IP portfolios in individual countries, regionally or worldwide. The breadth and depth of the firm’s technical knowledge relevant to patents is outstanding, with over 60 science and technology graduates in the firm including at least 25 PhDs. J A Kemp advises a host of UK and overseas universities and is the lead adviser to two of the four major university technology transfer organisations in the UK, Isis Innovation (University of Oxford) and UCL Business PLC. The firm’s attorneys work closely with academics from the beginning of the commercialisation process to the point where a spinout business is launched or the technology is licensed or brought to market. They understand the need to balance commercial goals with academic pressures.

J A Kemp is particularly renowned for its success in patent oppositions and appeals before the European Patent Office (EPO). In the last three years J A Kemp has acted for the defence in 73 cases at the EPO, and for the attack in 65 cases, as well as participating in more than 200 hearings.

The firm also provides expert support for high-profile patent litigation in the UK and elsewhere.

Contacts: Biotechnology and Life Sciences - Patrick Campbell ( Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals - Celia Keen (, Engineering and IT - Mike Nicholls (

J A Kemp is also renowned for its expertise in restoring IP rights that have lapsed. Other firms refer cases to us for our ability to retrieve situations where it appears that all is lost. Typically rights may have lapsed due to non-payment of renewal fees. We also have a track record of success in restoring priority claims of late filed national and international applications, and re-establishing rights in situations where an international application has mistakenly not been brought into a national or regional phase. Contact Toby Hopkin (

J A Kemp works for a huge variety of clients, from startups, spinouts and SMEs through to some of the largest corporate clients and most prestigious academic institutions in the world.

Tel :  020 3077 8600
Membership :  CW_FM_100PLUS
Fax :  020 7430 1000
Address :  14 South Square, Gray's Inn, London
Postcode :  WC1R 5JJ
Country :  United Kingdom
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Size :  101-200 Staff