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Ansys UK

Ansys UK

Ansys UK

ANSYS is the acknowledged industry leader in engineering simulation for electronics applications with a multiphysics approach

ANSYS is the only software provider that offers the breadth, depth, speed and quality of solutions needed to drive innovation across every facet of modern electronics design.

ANSYS is the acknowledged industry leader in simulation for electronics applications. Our solutions span the full range of signal integrity, power integrity, and high-frequency and lowfrequency electromechanical analyses, enabling engineers to study and improve performance for virtually any electronics application.

But today’s electronics products represent sophisticated systems that require engineers to consider a variety of physics. If you have ever dropped your cell phone or laptop, you know the valuable role that structural engineering plays in electronics product design.

In addition to our best-in-class electromagnetics capabilities, we can provide your team with the solvers you need to conduct structural, thermal and fluid dynamics analyses for innovative and optimal design. By analyzing performance at the component level — as well as at the system level via multiple physics solvers — electronics engineers can have the highest-possible confidence that products will perform as expected in the real world."

Tel :  01142 818888
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Address :  Sheffield Business Park, 6 Europa View, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Postcode :  S9 1XH
Country :  United Kingdom
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Size :  101-200 Staff