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WiSAR at Letterkenny Institute of Technology

WiSAR at Letterkenny Institute of Technology

WiSAR at Letterkenny Institute of Technology

The Wireless Sensor Applied Research Centre (WiSAR) provides solutions to industry for The Internet of Things (IoT) using expertise in wireless, embedded systems and power electronics. WiSAR is an established versatile engineering group experienced in a wide range of electronic challenges from industry. As technology is proliferating into all sectors we help companies develop and integrate solutions into their product offering in sectors such as Healthcare, Fashion, Sports & Tourism, Industrial Control, Environmental Management, Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles.

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The Wireless Sensor Applied Research Lab (WiSAR) at Letterkenny Institute of Technology is based in picturesque County of Donegal in Ireland not far from where Marconi tested wireless communication for the first time from land to ship. The organization has been in existence since 2004 collaborating with companies throughout Ireland and the UK on embedded system challenges.

WiSAR is a hub for electrical and electronic solutions for established companies and technology start-ups. A key strength of WiSAR is its capacity to work with companies (over 70 to date) to apply wireless and embedded systems to real life challenges in power electronics, medical devices and industrial control. Currently, a core current activity of WiSAR is the development and application of a low power wireless sensor networks for the Internet of Things (IoT), Body Area Networks (BAN) and Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.

The Lab’s world-class technology is finding applications across a number of market sectors including health, agriculture, manufacturing and ICT. WiSar is an applied research centre solving real industrial problems and is part of the Irish National Technology Gateway Network established and supported by Enterprise Ireland. WiSAR engage with clients through direct funded projects, Irish national research programs and European research and development programs.

Tel :  +35 374 918 6462
Address :  CoLAB Building, Port Road, Letterkenny, Donegal
Country :  Ireland
Website :