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GeoSpock provides Database as a Service for enterprise and start up clients, initially focused on real time handling of location data.

GeoSpockTM is a UK technology company that provides a real-time, scalable database for the big data challenges of business. Our first offering is for location data: a cloud-hosted Database-as-a-Service so clients can realize real-time (sub-second) queries of their location data no matter how large the database gets or how quickly it is updated. We achieve this by using a customized encoding mechanism and database architecture to store nearby location objects close by in the system’s memory for fast, efficient access. We also handle highly concurrent access so that many users can use the database at the same time.

Further, GeoSpock is built on top of Google App Engine so is able to take advantage of that platform’s fast dynamic scaling so that we are always ready to handle our client’s demand. The deployment of our database solution opens up new opportunities for clients to bring first-in-class location-based products and services to market including real-time data analytics performed on live and archived historical data.

We are optimized for handling bounding box and ‘k-nearest neighbor’ queries to give you up-to-the-second knowledge of what is and has been near any given location. At large size and with dynamically changing data we can handle database queries 15x faster than existing NoSQL database solutions. In our internal benchmarking we can service at least 5000 requests per second with no degradation of performance, no matter how large the dataset gets. Our database is easily integrated into clients’ existing technology solution through simple, lightweight REST APIs; all the headache of database management is offloaded to allow our clients to focus on what they do best. Please visit for documentation on our APIs.

All requests to a GeoSpock database use strong encryption and are validated with your secure API key. GeoSpock is initially focused on solving problems in the mapping and logistics sectors, and we are also well positioned to provide solutions for mobile applications, retail analytics and security. Our vision is to become the go-to solution for complex big data.

Beyond location, we’re committed to extending the reach of our technology; bring the same speed, scalability, and simplicity advantages to applications including weather modelling, facial recognition, voice recognition, and DNA sequencing for healthcare. GeoSpock is the future of big data management.

Membership :  CW_FM_6-20
Address :  36 Beaufort Place, Thomsons Lane, Cambridge
Postcode :  CB5 8AG
Country :  United Kingdom
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