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Estatom Systems

Estatom Systems

Estatom's NoSQL, object-orientated technologies are the Fornax engine, Polymach Application Program Interface (API), Polymach Programmer and a suite of supporting utilities. Estatom also offers a powerful OS.

Main contacts:
John Bisseru (Director)

All have a small footprint (c.150 KB – c.250KB), making them suitable for embedding in chips and use in micro-devices, phones/tablets, pc’s/servers, mainframes and/or advanced computer architectures.
Extremely fast, scalable, secure and robust (no point of failure), the system is:

  • able to handle unstructured data,
  • machine independent,
  • highly programmable (resulting from its object-based technology and internal structures); and
  • able to be embedded in hardware.

Tel :  020 3609 8765
Membership :  CW_5_STAFF
Address :  3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London
Postcode :  W6 8DA
Country :  United Kingdom
Website :
Size :  1-5 Staff