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Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain

Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain

A technology museum showcasing all aspects of radio communication from the earliest days of Marconi and spark transmitters to the latest advances of 5G and software defined radios. With over 2000 exhibits to engage with people of all ages, especially to encourage children into the STEM subjects and to understand the career opportunities that exist in the UK radio communication industry

The Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain is a registered charity and aims to become the major repository and centre of heritage excellence in the UK for the history of radio communication equipment, associated software, documentation and memorabilia.

It is located in a brand new building in the city of Derby. It houses over two thousand exhibits from spark transmitters and crystal receiving sets to some of the latest software defined radios.

The museum will showcase and document all the uses of radio communication equipment from the early days of Marconi to the latest 4G and space communication technologies. The majority of the equipment is on static display in a traditional museum style, however over two hundred exhibits are located in the "Operations Room", fully working and powered up for visitors to use. The museum holds the OFCOM allocated callsign GB2RCM and licensed radio amateurs will be able to operate the transmission equipment.

The emphasis is on communication radio rather than broadcast radio. Covering all uses e.g. Aeronautic; Amateur; Bluetooth; Commercial PMR; Citizens band; Diplomatic; Marine; Military (Air-force, Army, Navy, Special Forces, clandestine and spy radio); Mobile Telephony, Telemetry; Wi-Fi All transmission modes AM, CW (incl Burst), Data, Fast Scan TV, FAX, FM, SSB, RTTY, Slow Scan TV etc.

A major thrust of the museum is education and will attempt to encourage school children to study the STEM subjects. This will include, free to attend, after school and weekend coding and electronics clubs.

A space science club will bring together software development, electronics development and radio operation to track satellites and provide communication links to the International Space Station and radio stations around the globe.

Courses will be provided to train people of all ages to pass the Amateur Radio Licence examinations. The museum is always looking for people and companies who can help facilitate our operations through financial support and direct help by individuals with their time and expertise.

Membership :  CW_FM_1-5
Address :  16 Sawley Park, Nottingham Road, Derby, Derbyshire
Postcode :  DE21 6AS
Country :  United Kingdom
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Size :  1-5 Staff