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We have developed a blockchain based $1 Android Smartphone finance solution with integrated social financial services called MyEco. The MyEco platform incorporates six finance channels for the $1 Smartphone, permissioned Blockchain for governments, regulated cryptocurrency that supports the Sustainable Development Goals and the world's first trust-based peer 2 peer lending platform with Fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

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SocialEco Ltd is a for profit social business based in London.

The company has been established to develop cutting edge solutions that address global inequality. SocialEco's flagship platform is a blockchain based $1 Smartphone ecosystem called MyEco.

MyEco stands for My Economy Ecosystem and delivers 3 sets of solutions:

  • $1 and $10 quality Android smartphones enabled through six innovative smartphone and data connectivity financing channels.
  • Digital solutions that enable governments, banks and service operators to more effectively serve citizens and deliver welfare payments.
  • Cutting edge Peer 2 Peer financial services for communities and networks which support the Sustainable Development Goals.

    MyEco’s capabilities benefit people, governments and service providers worldwide and it’s core capability, accelerating Universal deployment of Digital Financial Services via a $1 Smartphone, was created to reduce the world’s social, health, educational, economic and agricultural divide and lift people out of poverty. Digital Financial Services are important because they positively transform the world for the better by enabling economic empowerment of people generally and lifting the very poor out of poverty.

Address :  3rd Floor, 14 Hanover Street, London
Postcode :  W1S 1YH
Country :  United Kingdom
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