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Electronic Communications

Electronic Communications

Electronic Communications

We specialise in developing project based bespoke electronics and software for 3rd party clients. We can undertake some or all aspects of the project from functional specification to product manufacture.

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Chris Haseldine

The ECL group of companies was formed over 35 years ago, initially as a software and electronics consultancy business. This grew into a group of software, electronics and radio development organisations creating applications and products, both in-house and for some of the largest separate ECL organisations have now been combined as, thus providing a diverse and experienced skill set for our customers.companies in the world. The design and development capabilities of these

Our software engineers have experience of most computer and microprocessor programming languages (e.g. Assembler, C, C++, Visual Basic, Python, Ruby etc.) on a wide range of operating systems, including mobile platforms. This enables us to choose the best toolset for your project. Our electronic engineers have a wealth of experience of analogue and digital electronics.

We have designed electronics for many industries and applications including industrial automation, consumer electronics, life safety and radio communication products that needed to meet strict International Standards with the appropriate EMC and environmental testing.

Our core skill set of combining radio, electronics and software has enabled us to provide Internet of Things (IOT) solutions. Our external contract sizes have ranged from a few thousand pounds to over one million pounds. Whilst every project is different, we aim to have the same professional open minded attitude during the development phase on all projects. Whether it is a couple of days of consultancy or a twelve month complete product development, all projects get the same attention to detail. We involve you, the customer, in the product design direction, to ensure you will be fully happy with the final product. Some customers want their product designed with the very latest concepts and ideas, whereas others prefer a more conservative tried and tested technology approach.

A successful project requires the same controlled approach to project definition, project planning, concept modelling, development planning, software and hardware prototyping, testing, certification and customer acceptance.

Project planning and management requires time and hence cost. However, we recognise that short cuts in these areas lead ultimately to project failure.

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Address :  Enfield House, 303 Burton Road, Derby, Derbyshire
Postcode :  DE23 6AG
Country :  United Kingdom
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Size :  6-10 Staff