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Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network brings together 600 partner organisations in more than 60 countries to help your business innovate, grow and succeed in the worldwide marketplace.
It’s the world's largest business support network, but free and simple to use with local contacts and insight across each part of the UK.

Enterprise Europe Network East of England offers small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) local access to a wealth of information on doing business, finding collaborative partners, and increasing competitiveness in Europe. Our expertise and services are available free to businesses with ambitions to innovate and grow internationally.

The Enterprise Europe Network team can help businesses find international business partners, source new technologies and receive EU funding or finance. We can advise on issues such as intellectual property, provide information on European markets, public tender alerts and EU law and standards.

Follow these links for more information on our services: Technology Transfer; Going International; Access to finance and funding Innovate2Succeed; Intellectual Property; EU Law. With an extensive business and innovation network made up of almost 600 partner organisations in more than 60 countries in Europe and beyond, our team of local advisers provide support to SMEs, large organisations, universities and research institutes to promote competitiveness and innovation at a local level and in Europe and beyond.

With hundreds of new company profiles added every week, its partnership opportunities database is one of the world’s largest. When you get in touch with Enterprise Europe Network, they enter your commercial, technology or research cooperation offer or request into the database and you will then receive updates on companies interested in the same kind of cross-border business as you. I

n the East of England, Enterprise Europe Network services are delivered by two partners, Exemplas Holdings Ltd and St John’s Innovation Centre. Together, they partner to deliver a number of services, including Innovate2Succeed which is a bespoke, fully funded programme of up to 7 days for ambitious companies who want to unlock their innovation management potential.

The Enterprise Europe Network is Europe’s largest and best connected innovation, technology and business network and it also includes non-European countries such as the USA, Canada, Chile, India, Japan, South Korea and Israel. Find out more on our website:

Contact us to meet with one of our advisers and discuss your business’ current needs and aspirations: or 0845 641 9955

Tel :  0845 641 9955
Membership :  CW_5_STAFF
Address :  St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Postcode :  CB4 0WS
Country :  United Kingdom
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Size :  1-5 Staff