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EdgeConneX operates and is the pioneer of world class Edge Data CentersĀ®, bringing Cloud, Content and Capacity to where you need it, within close proximity to your customers.

EdgeConneX can scale the data center capacity to perfectly align demand and future supply. We can deliver new capacity in less than 6 months on average. Our speed to market is unrivaled with a global footprint of 30 existing data centers across 27 markets and expanding.

The custom wholesale model means that EdgeConneX can provide what you want, where you want it, when you want it.

With an eye for innovation and a drive to deliver unsurpassed digital content experiences,

EdgeConneX was born. Edge Services provide Space, Power & Connectivity to deliver digital content like never before. With EdgeConneX, data delivery is optimized by placing Edge Data Centers®, Edge Small Cells and Edge PoPs® at the most critical locations—as close as possible to the end user’s point of access. With our services, digital content can be delivered with enhanced performance and lower latency to any device, anywhere.

We maintain that innovation is possible only when a company moves as fast as the technology driving data today. At EdgeConneX, we’re keeping pace. Since late 2013, we have built 23 Edge Data Centers® across the US, creating a new Edge of the Internet. EdgeConneX moved the Internet to where it is most needed, yet has never existed before – into local markets across the country and soon the globe. We recognize that insatiable demand for content continues to swell each day and that quality delivery of this content requires an Internet of Everywhere mentality. In 2016, EdgeConneX plans to add several new Edge Data Centers abroad, beginning with one in Amsterdam. These efforts represent our continued commitment to satisfy the global appetite for latency sensitive and bandwidth intensive content.

In addition to our rapidly growing portfolio of Edge Data Centers, EdgeConneX has also deployed more than 3,000 national locations across our Edge Wireless and Edge Pop portfolio. We manage a proprietary database of 4 million buildings, 14 million businesses and 200,000 cell towers that we collectively use in partnership with our customers to determine the most optimal site for our next build.

EdgeConneX focuses on continuous innovation, with an emphasis on customer service. As one example, our patented EdgeOS® is a next generation data center operating system, allowing a single, secure view into your infrastructure across our global footprint.

The need for the Edge has arrived and EdgeConneX has taken the leadership position in delivering it. We are building The Internet of Everywhere and you can find it on any device, anywhere, anytime. The

EdgeConneX Internet of Everywhere

EdgeConneX defines the Internet of Everywhere as bringing content to consumers locally, around the world. As Internet content grows, so does EdgeConneX and our facilities enable the fastest and most secure content delivery available - Everywhere.

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