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Buy New Agilent Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment.

Microlease is Agilent’s Authorized Technology Partner for the UK, Ireland and Italy.

We have a dedicated team of Sales and Applications Engineers with the technical experience to help you define your requirement and acquire the best Agilent test equipment to suit your needs.

Our team will help you explore all the options available and even arrange an Agilent Demo with one of our Sales Engineers so you can see the equipment at work before you make your final decision. We’ll help you find the best way from outright purchase, through to Financial Solutions, including: Easy Rent (Rent-to-Buy) and Easy Lease (Leasing with Services), Easy Buy (Divide-By-12).

To learn more about buying new Agilent test equipment and see the range of Agilent products that Microlease can offer across digital, RF and microwave, wireless, general purpose equipment, as well as Agilent Applications and Agilent Software visit our Agilent Portal where you can also find out about the latest Agilent Promotions and Agilent Events. CALL NOW: +44(0)20 84 200 205

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