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Cambridge Wireless

Cambridge Wireless

Inaugural Standards SIG (S-SIG)

Start date/time :  09:00 30th September 2011
End date/time :  16:30 30th September 2011
Venue :  The Study Skills Centre, The Moller Centre, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DS

Why we need a new standard for white space radio
Facebook on your phone, iPlayer on the train and email everywhere, there’s no denying that mobile data has transformed the way we all live our lives. And with another 50bn machine to machine connections forecast in the next ten years or so this is only the beginning.

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Many of these new applications have requirements for coverage, battery life, and cost that are not completely satisfied by any existing wireless technology. The only way to fully meet these needs is to build a new wide area wireless network dedicated to machines. So far no one has done this because any new network will require a large amount of high quality spectrum, and this normally costs £bns.

White space radio promises to deliver the spectrum needed for no-compromise M2M communications. It takes advantage of TV channels that are not needed for broadcasts, freeing up to 150MHz of high quality spectrum. For comparison, typical nationwide 3G network have to make do with only 30MHz of spectrum. And white space radio spectrum is available free of charge, making a dedicated nationwide network for M2M a realistic possibility.

This new spectrum, though very welcome, is not enough by itself to enable the next wave of growth in wireless devices. Many new high volume applications just won’t work without low cost technology and a global network of interoperable networks. The only way to achieve these challenging goals is for the industry to come together to create a new, fully open communications standard.

This event will bring together industry leaders to start the process of building such an open standard for white space radio communications. In particular it will focus on determining what is needed to enable a global ecosystem of technology vendors, equipment manufacturers and network operators with the economies of scale required and will plan the process of turning the Weightless technology into an open global standard.

The preliminary agenda is as follows:
  • An introduction to the proposed standards process - Glenn Collinson from Neul
  • Smart Grid communications in a European environment: Opportunities and Challenges - Daniel Lauk, Landis + Gyr;  and Tony Field of Itron
  • Enabling a global network for M2M – Amy Cooke from Cable & Wireless Worldwide
  • Weightless M2M standard for white space radio – William Webb from Neul
  • Gary Atkinson, ARM
  • Break-out into discussion groups to consider separate areas of the specification.
  • Plenary discussion of next steps
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