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Cambridge Wireless

Cambridge Wireless

Wireless Healthcare and One Nucleus Event: ‘Wireless Sensing in Healthcare and Wellbeing’

Start date/time :  09:00 25th September 2012
End date/time :  17:30 25th September 2012
Venue :  Sagentia, Harston Mill, Harston, Cambridge CB22 7GG

The third instalment in this productive collaboration will focus on the aspects of technology and their applications which are cutting edge and raise interesting and challenging technical, operational and ethical issues for the future of healthcare and wellbeing. The full-day will be structured around informative presentations in the morning followed by four workshops focusing on key themes ranging from health related robotics to assisted living. This event is tailor-made for participants from health and social care, drug development, wireless technology and medical devices with an interest in wireless sensors and their application. Confirmed speakers include Mick Withers, Sagentia, Richard Curry, SEHTA, Prof Chris Lowe, University of Cambridge and a presentation from Philips Healthcare.

This SIG is championed by David Cudby of Networks for Independent Living, Rob Blake of Philips Research Laboratories, Paul Winter of TTP, Tim Phipps of Cambridge Consultants, Peter Ferguson of Accenture, Keith Cheshire of Airwave in association with One Nucleus. We are also very grateful to Sagentia for kindly hosting this event.
One Nucleus and Cambridge Wireless are delighted to present this latest collaborative event, the third in a very successful and well regarded series. Based upon previous experience and feedback from attendees, the event will follow the highly participative facilitated workshop format. We have found that the group environment allows time for contributions from everyone who has knowledge, experience or a point of view to share.
This full-day will commence with a selection of presentations in the morning session followed by four facilitated workshops on the following themes, exploring the main aspects addressing the market today and in the future. Confirmed speakers for the day are:
For this event the four workshop themes are:

WORKSHOP A - Wireless sensors in a healthcare R&D environment
Often wireless technology including sensors is debated in the context of healthcare. This theme will explore the role wireless sensing technologies can play in medical research and development. We will cover innovative technologies ranging from basic patient monitoring to in-vivo targeted drug delivery.

WORKSHOP B - Assisted Living – ‘The remote carer’

The place of wireless sensors in a home or social care setting is beginning to be better understood and is focused on assisting the infirm or chronically ill to take an active part in managing their own health or enabling health professionals to monitor patients at a distance. This theme will explore how these technologies impact on the carer, both formal and informal and how recent government announcements will affect the uptake of telehealth.

WORKSHOP C - Health related robotics

Health related robotics is transforming the way healthcare can be delivered. Entire ICUs can be monitored from the other end of the world, patients can be diagnosed via webcam, ‘smart’ prosthetics allow patients to live a normal life and surgeons can even perform operations remotely. This theme looks at what the role of wireless sensing might be in the emerging field of health robotics.

WORKSHOP D - The Future of Patient Monitoring

We are beginning to see an increase in the remote monitoring of patients. This has the potential to improve hospital efficiency through earlier patient discharge and may also reduce stress and inconvenience by the observation of those discharged from hospital whilst back in their own home. In addition current healthcare reforms are changing the reimbursement model for hospitals, especially focused on readmission rates, which is expected to see a benefit of remote monitoring as well.

This series has already been extremely popular, so early booking is highly recommended to secure your place.

Events are FREE to Cambridge Wireless and One Nucleus Members. Tickets for non-members are £250.00 plus VAT. To join Cambridge Wireless, and attend all future events for free please visit: To learn more about becoming a member of One Nucleus, please visit

Please take note: This event is targeted at those working in, or with the Wireless Healthcare sector, and there are limited places available for this event. Should the event become oversubscribed we will prioritise companies that meet this criteria and run a waiting list to which we will add others. Please note that our system may appear to offer a place, but registration is not confirmed until you have received joining details directly from Cambridge Wireless which will take place after the 10th September 2012.

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