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Wireless Communications in Buildings

Start date/time :  8th February 2013 8:30
End date/time :  8th February 2013 17:00
Venue :  IET London: Savoy Place

Welcome to Wireless Communications in Buildings 2013, a second in the series of the unique IET technical seminars on the design of wireless friendly buildings and the performance of wireless communications systems in the built environment.

In addition to the latest developments in the research for in-door communications, the event will feature practical examples and case studies to demonstrate new services inside wireless enhanced buildings. 

You will hear an update on the progress in the work on electromagnetic interference and the modelling of EM in-building propagation. Other topics covered will include Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) for the design of wireless friendly buildings. 

The seminar is organised jointly with Wireless Friendly Buildings Forum (WFBF) and CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group.

Key topics of the day

Developments in understanding wireless performance in buildings

  • Measuring and mitigating electromagnetic interference
  • Predictive methods for the modelling of EM in-building propagation
  • EM field propagation in buildings

Designing future wireless friendly buildings

  • Systems integration for building wireless communications friendly buildings
  • Antennas and Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS)
  • 4G technologies for wireless buildings
  • How wireless systems can support Intelligent Building design

New services in wireless enhanced buildings – practical applications and case studies

  • How wireless networks in buildings are changing the way users interact with their environment and enabling new commercial services to be delivered
  • Location-based services in healthcare and in the hospitality sector
  • Wireless applications in the educational environment

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