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'Radio Systems for Mission-Critical IoT Communications' - Radio Technology SIG Event - London

Start date/time :  12:00 23rd January 2017
End date/time :  17:00 23rd January 2017
Venue :  Deloitte - Stonecutter Court, 1 Stonecutter St, London EC4A 4TR
Organiser name :  Laura Farthing
Organiser email :

Most of the things in the future IoT are predicted to be connected by radio but a failed connection, in many cases, will have critical implications. Many of these problems can be mitigated by higher-layer protocols, but are limited by the performance of the radio link itself and fundamentals of radio propagation. This half day London event at the offices of Deloitte and sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz, will explore these limitations and how good system design can mitigate problems, but will also highlight the limits of what we can expect. Speakers include Reiner Stuhlfauth of Rohde & Schwarz, Robin Heydon of Qualcomm, Simon Dunkley of Silver Spring Networks, Steve Braithwaite of ASH Wireless Electronics Ltd. and John Haine of Bristol University


For some of things in the future of IoT, it really matters that they have a reliable radio connection. For example

  • A connected medical device may be collecting vital data and administering a life-saving drug: a patient can die if the connection fails.
  • A utility meter has to be able to communicate from almost every location where it may be installed, very reliably, for over a decade on a single battery with no option to change or re-charge it; the utility's business case may be non-viable if the radio link doesn't work as predicted.
  • A connected self-driving car relying on a cellular link to guidance and safety systems could crash, if the link doesn't work.
  • Good IoT security depends on a 2-way link for authentication and updating credentials: one-way links will compromise safety and security and open up systems to attack.

Confirmed Speakers:

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The Radio Technology SIG is championed by Brian Collins of BSC Associates, Diego Giancola of PA Consulting Group, Mark Beach of Bristol University and Peter Topham of Qualcomm Technology.

We are very grateful to Rohde & Schwarz for sponsoring the event, and Deloitte for hosting.

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