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CWIC Starter: Immersive - London

Start date/time :  12:00 20th March 2017
End date/time :  17:30 20th March 2017
Venue :  Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, London, SE10 0EW
Organiser name :  Harriet Carey
Organiser email :

This event constitutes not only an informative tutorial in the science of VR and immersive communications, but also a preparatory forum event for the key 'Immersive' conference theme within the annual CW International Conference (CWIC) in June 2017. March's CWIC Starter event in Immersive Technology forms a comprehensive Masterclass in immersive and mixed reality technologies and creativity. The event provides delegates with a complete insight and understanding of both the production issues and application opportunities for this amazing new technology platform. Speakers include: Ken Blakeslee, WebMobility Ventures; Paul Surin, Wienerberger; Layton Reid, Ravensbourne and Richard Mills, Imaginary Pictures/Sky VR Labs; Carl Smith, Ravensbourne; Erfan Saadati, Lewis Ball and Jack Howard, Surround Vision


The hyped-up worlds of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are drawing together to form a huge 'Mixed Reality' (MR) market sector, led by the development of new genres of headsets, sensory devices and content portals. At the mass consumer end of the market, the ubiquitous smart phone provides cheap and easy access to surprisingly high quality MR content and 360-degree video material. However, looking beyond applications like VR games, AR training and immersive sports experiences, there are also higher level developments in this sector that may change significantly the way that we live, learn and take our leisure. In this track, we shall investigate:

  • the emerging MR and AI business models that will form the tipping points for future enhanced environments and services
  • how social media platforms will develop and embrace novel - but possibly intrusive - dimensions of personal interaction… will we use new mobile messaging apps with animated 3D-persona files rather than simple 2D photos, and share multi-dimensional and immersive experiences with our friends? Is Facebook doomed to be the Friends Reunited of tomorrow?
  • whether there will be a dividing of the generations in people’s willingness to capitalise on, and immerse themselves in, these new MR worlds?

Speakers include:

This CWIC Starter is championed by David Crawford from the CWIC Committee and the User Experience SIG.

We are grateful to Ravensbourne for hosting this event.

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