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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Radio Technology SIG - 'New developments in multiple access schemes' - Cambridge

Start date/time :  13:30 14th December 2017
End date/time :  17:45 14th December 2017
Venue :  Old Hall, Girton College, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0JG
Organiser name :  Laura Farthing
Organiser email :

Multiple access schemes are essential for any communication method that shares common channels. Early telephone systems relied on human operators to switch calls to trunk lines. Modern digital systems rely on a wide range of techniques that control access in wired and wireless systems, including LANs and four generations of public mobile radio systems.
The quest for ever greater efficiency in spectrum use, increased capacity and reduction in latency is driving the investigation of novel non-orthogonal systems for 5G, such as PD-NOMA, SCMA, PDMA, LPMA, and MUSA.

Speakers will review the background of multiple access schemes and explain the potential advantages of new developments.


The Radio Technology SIG is championed by Mark Beach of University of Bristol, Brian Collins of BSC Associates, Diego Giancola of PA Consulting Group, and Peter Topham of Qualcomm Technologies International.

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