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An LSCC event - A Hyper- Connected Region

Start date/time :  08:30 12th October 2017
End date/time :  12:30 12th October 2017
Venue :  Allia Future Business Centre, Peterborough United Football Club., London Road, Peterborough PE2 8AN
Organiser name :  LSCC delivered by Cofinitive
Organiser email :
Organiser tel :  01638 742355

At a time when we’re demanding more from digital connectivity than ever before, it’s crucial to cater for our future digital needs proactively.

The UK Innovation Corridor, including Peterborough, Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire and London, has the ability to become one of the most significant hyper-connected regions of the world. But to achieve this we need to think bigger, better and collaboratively.

In this spirit the LSCC is holding an event titled A Hyper-Connected Region, where the UK Innovation Corridor will come together, showcase current digital connectivity initiatives and uncover gaps in the corridor’s approach, to then focus on how we can progress and become that hyper connected region of international standing.

Now ask yourself:

  • Where will connectivity be in 10 years?
  • How connected should people be?
  • What does it mean to be hyper-connected?
  • How can we get from the here and now to our hyper connected goal?

Whether you’re already working on a digital connectivity initiative, or you’re scoping out a future-focused concept, A Hyper-Connected Region offers the chance to share and discuss the digital connectivity of our region and how we can prosper together. Contribute to the conversation by reserving your space today! This event is sponsored by Cambridge Ahead

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Organisation:  Cofinitive