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Bradfield Centre

Bradfield Centre

Scaling-up: why, the options and how

Scaling-up: a working conference on why it matters, what the options are & how to do it effectively.

“Competitive advantage doesn’t go to the nations that focus on creating companies, it goes to nations that focus on scaling companies.”
Sherry Coutu, The Scale-up Report, Nov 2014

In her 2014 report, Sherry Coutu describes the range of challenges that are encountered by companies attempting to scale their businesses. But every company experiences a unique path to growth which is influenced by factors such as the motivations and interests of founders, the industry sector of the business and the ability of leaders to develop the skills, finance and facilities necessary to grow.

Delegates will hear from a panel with a range of experiences, from seasoned business veterans to business leaders in the thick of scaling-up themselves, describing the challenges they have faced. This will be followed by a series of workshops that will allow delegates to roll up their sleeves and debate common challenges and their solutions. Towards the end of the afternoon there will be an open plenary session for delegates to explore together how to navigate their own paths to growth.

This hands-on, free event will take place in the afternoon of 27th September in the new Bradfield Centre, a collaborative entrepreneurial community of technology start-ups and scale-ups housed in a stunning building at the heart of the Cambridge Science Park. It offers the chance to work with a select number of senior business leaders in exploring the challenges to growth in several different learning environments.

It’s suitable for senior managers currently considering or already in the process of scaling their companies, so if this is you, and you’d like more information or to attend please email

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