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European Recruitment

European Recruitment

Principal Linux Kernel Engineer

What are the main responsibilities in the Principal Linux Kernel Platform role?

  • Own the embedded Linux Platform including the Kernel, Device Drivers and Development tools.
  • Responsible for Embedded Linux kernel hacking and kernel configuration including modifications to the scheduler, extending kernel IPC, performance optimisations and minimising latencies.
  • Responsible for trialling and integrating open-source development tools for debugging, profiling, code-coverage, memory leak detection.

What are the desired skills for this Principal Linux Kernel Platform role?

  • Significantly contributed to the development of a commercially released product that used Embedded Linux
  • Experienced with embedded Linux Kernel hacking including performance and power consumption optimization, experienced with the Linux Kernel internals in addition to Device Drivers and BSP configuration
  • Experience with Linux open source project
  • Experienced in performance optimising Linux device drivers
  • Extensive knowledge of the C programming language in real-time systems

If this sounds like a good match please do get in touch with Jenna Thompson at I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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