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Invenia Labs

Invenia Labs

People Relations Manager

Invenia Labs is focused on reducing pollution by optimising the flow of energy on world's electricity grids. We are looking for People Operations Manager to facilitate essential HR functions and report directly to Chief People Operations Officer, as we grow a team of world class machine learning researchers in our Cambridge, UK office.

Main functions of People Relations Manager are ensuring legal compliance with employment laws, overseeing employee records, compensation, perks and benefits programs, bonuses, expense claims. Nurturing positive environment and minimising workplace conflict, as well as overseeing professional development, team performance and ongoing learning are also key responsibilities of this role.


Employee Records:

  • Maintain up to date employee records.
  • Ensure secure filing of confidential information.
  • Issue official documents (ex. employment letters) on request.
  • Provide written HR reports on request.
  • Ensure compliance with employment laws and standards.
  • Monitor for changes to the employment standards in the UK, stay up to date..
Team Development:
  • Plan and organise PD activities, facilitate ongoing learning.
  • Help team members to reach their full potential through one on one engagement and support.
  • Promote a culture focused on reward and recognition.
  • Ensure timely and effective performance feedback is taking place in the organisation .
  • Provide support and training to project manages and team leads related to performance evaluations.
  • Maintain and administer compensation plan, benefits, and bonus programs.
  • Provide compensation related information to employees.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for changes in compensation to Chief of People Operations.
Other HR Functions:
  • Provide support in resolving workplace conflict.
  • Respond to various complaints.
  • Offer advise and information.
  • Take corrective and disciplinary action when required.
  • Arrange for employment contracts and related documentation to be signed.
  • Make arrangements for desks and computer equipment.
  • Coordinate all other logistics that may be required (i.e. keys, parking card etc)
  • Set up new employees for payroll, benefits, expense claims.
  • Make new team members feel welcome, answer questions during onboarding period.
  • Connect new team members with their colleagues, make sure they become well integrated.


  • Ability to collaborate closely with managers and colleagues in other roles, and work towards strategic organisational growth and development.
  • Strong competency in legal compliance and policy development, or ability to learn fast and work closely with a legal team.
  • Some previous HR experience, preferably in smaller or medium size company.
  • Attention to detail, strategic thinker with well developed influencing, negotiating and consulting skills.
  • Should be able to self-direct, take initiative, and be results oriented.
  • Good decision-making skills, speaking skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong written and presentation skills.
  • Undergraduate of graduate degree and previous work experience in a similar role.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV and Cover Letter to to be considered for this role. Please specify 'People Relations Manager' role in the subject line.

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