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Invenia Labs

Invenia Labs

Senior Infrastructure Architect (AWS)

Invenia Labs is a machine learning start-up focused on reducing pollution by optimising the flow of energy on world's electricity grids. We are currently looking for an Infrastructure Architect with solid AWS background to join our growing team in Cambridge, UK.

Invenia Labs is looking for Infrastructure Architect who would be highly effective in areas of IT infrastructure design, implementation, and support. Invenia leverages a diverse selection of products from the AWS product range to provide their nearly 100% AWS infrastructure. Some of the products used most heavily by Invenia are: IAM, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, EC2/VPC (including spot instances), Kinesis, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, CloudFront, and Route53.

Function: Provide support to developers and researchers in identifying infrastructure bottlenecks in their code, systems, and workflows and resolving infrastructure related concerns as they pertain to and impact their work and productivity. Monitor infrastructure to prevent failures. Design and implement cloud computing infrastructures in response to current needs and to anticipate future needs.


  • Manage, maintain, evolve, design, and implement cloud-first computing infrastructures using modern tools, software, products, and methods.

  • Support, diagnose, triage, and repair IT infrastructure in the event of a fault or degradation, and monitor IT infrastructure continuously using available metrics, adding information sources as appropriate, to predict and prevent failures.

  • Assist developers to ensure that software systems select appropriate algorithms and intelligently and correctly leverage appropriate infrastructure elements.

  • Assist developers and researchers to adopt new technologies that improve their workflows.

  • Support the Invenia team with day-to-day IT needs and problems including support for Linux, Mac OS X/macOS desktop and server environments.


  • Experience in areas of IT infrastructure design, implementation, and support.

  • Significant experience with the AWS service portfolio. AWS Associate-level (or better) certification is preferred.

  • Able to work both independently as the sole infrastructure expert on the project, as well as a part of a small team of similarly skilled individuals.

  • Experience related to virtualisation including Xen, and container platforms such as Solaris Zones, LXC, or Docker.

  • Intimate knowledge of Linux server environments.

  • CCNA or equivalent experience related to networking and network management.

  • Experience with low-level socket programming is an asset.

  • Experience in IT security including exposure to cryptographic concepts and primitives.

  • Familiarity or experience with log and metric monitoring tools such as Splunk, Graylog, Kibana, Logstash, Grafana, Graphite, and CloudWatch.

  • Knowledge and experience working with public cloud providers and IaaS platforms.

  • Experience working with Amazon Web Services and non-IaaS public-cloud provider products.

  • Experience communicating technical information to wide audience.

  • Experience writing and maintaining reference, instructional, and supporting project, design, and implementation documentation.

  • Knowledge and experience in university level mathematics including numerical and scientific computing concepts is an asset.

  • Knowledge of high performance and GPGPU computing concepts is an asset.

  • Experience developing performant or scientific computing applications is an asset.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV and Cover Letter to to be considered for this role. Please specify 'Infrastructure Architect' role in the subject line.

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