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Zinwave DAS technology facilitates in-building wireless coverage for 4G services

Building owners and carriers in the US choose Zinwave 4G DAS because of its frequency support capabilities and future-proof advantages

Zinwave Ltd, a global provider of DAS (distributed antenna system) technology for in-building wireless coverage, is facilitating wireless operators in the US with the rollout of advanced wireless services over LTE (long term evolution) networks.

Recent installations to facilitate LTE include the Pepsi Center Arena, a multipurpose sports venue in Denver, Colorado, the Constitution Center, the largest privately owned office building in Washington DC, and the J.W. Marriott Hotel, a 10-storey hotel complex with over 1000 guest rooms in San Antonio, Texas.

Zinwave’s in-building DAS (the system 3000) has been chosen as the preferred solution for these installations because of its ability to support frequency bands allocated to 4G services (700MHz, 850MHz, 1,900 MHz, 2,100 MHz) as well as all conventional cellular frequencies (2G, 3G and CDMA) on a single hardware layer. Zinwave’s DAS also has the ability to support public safety and Wi-Fi or WiMAX services.

Zinwave’s “System 3000” is unique as it is the only true wideband active Distributed Antenna System on the market, supporting multiple services across all frequencies between 150MHz and 2700MHz, making it completely future-proof.

Wireless operators began rolling out 4G networks to the larger metropolitan areas 2011. Data download speeds can be up to ten times faster than those over conventional 3G networks.

The US cellular market is the third largest globally and according to comScore. Over 230 million Americans aged 14 and above have a cell phone contract and 50% of these are Smartphone contracts. Carriers are therefore under pressure to complete their LTE rollouts to keep up with consumer demand for the latest Smartphone technology and associated expectations for high-speed wireless services. Verizon, the largest US wireless carrier, expects to complete its LTE rollout by the middle of this year.

Says Laddy Fleming, EVP, Worldwide Sales: “Around a third of US households are wireless; people expect instant access to the Internet via their cell phones whether they are at home, at work or out just out and about. Building owners and operators must therefore have the capacity and managed infrastructure to support these expectations, especially during peak usage periods, if they want to remain competitive and retain customers. Zinwave’s DAS not only ensures reliable coverage for all frequencies in an in-building environment, existing customers can easily add LTE and other services to their DAS infrastructure for little or no investment, offering rapid ROI.”

All three installations are now live and Zinwave expects the majority of its customers to add LTE capabilities to their DAS infrastructures.

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