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21/08/17  Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Awarded £100,000 Grant for Remote Patient Monitoring Work

Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS), the Cambridge-founded startup developing the platform technology for bionics, announced today it has won an Innovate UK grant of £100,000.

The eight-month grant will allow CBAS to automate remote monitoring of lower limb disorders or amputations to improve treatment and rehabilitation in patients with prosthetics. CBAS Co-Founder Oliver Armitage said, “This is a really exciting time for digital health to use technology to help make care more personalised and accurate. By leveraging the power of machine learning and bionics, we can convey relevant health metrics to clinicians and improve patients' lives by giving them more control. We are excited to work with Innovate UK to further that. The continuous remote monitoring system is being developed for use with orthoses and prostheses to enable clinicians to access real-time assessment of biomechanics and mobility metrics of their patients. This will inform and improve treatment decisions and help patients have more personalised and tailored care for their needs. Current clinical assessment is restricted to one-off hospital visits and patient self-reporting questionnaires; remote treatment monitoring systems are set to be an integral part of future healthcare strategies. The project will explore the commercial and technical feasibility of a continuous remote monitoring system.

CBAS are supported by Allia’s Serious Impact incubator in Cambridge and have offices at Allia Future Business Centre, the home for impact entrepreneurs in Cambridge.

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