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Small Cell SIG

The explosion in popularity of Mobile Broadband is causing congestion on the mobile networks resulting in a less than optimal customer experience.

Bringing the mobile network capacity as close as possible to the user (using small-cell technology) while also off-loading from the overloaded macro layer, will be key to sustaining the demand for mobile broadband. Today, 3G femto cells provided in the Residential, Enterprise and Outdoor spaces provide the solution to this problem. They can improve coverage while simultaneously offloading traffic, thus reducing congestion. They are a platform on which new and innovative services can be built thereby accelerating the demand for these small cells (in turn again helping to reduce congestion). The Small Cell SIG will cover the underlying technology supporting small cell deployments.

 The Small Cell SIG Champions

David Chambers,

Simon Fletcher,
Real Wireless

Neil Piercy,

Simon Saunders,

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Next Event

'Small Cells Big Solutions – Operating larger networks' – Small Cell SIG event – London

Lessons learnt from sizable indoor deployments of small cells confirm that sophisticated automation and operational software tools are essential for rapid deployment and high performance. Join us for this intriguing half day event where both users and developers will be sharing their perspectives on the state of the art, reveal the scope of what can be addressed and explain the full range of benefits enjoyed. Speakers to be announced shortly.