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User Experience SIG

The Cambridge Wireless User Experience Special Interest Group (UX SIG) focuses on how we can drive progress in the wireless value chain by emphasising ways of bringing direct value to end users through techniques, technologies and processes that ensure customers can access the content and functionality they require as easily and intuitively as possible. The mobile revolution has brought us richer and more powerful platforms, devices, applications and services that promise interaction on par with, or perhaps even exceeding, what can be achieved on desktop computers while also taking account of contextual information such as time and place. However, relatively small displays and constrained input modalities combined with these contextual requirements results in significant new challenges that must be met to provide the user experience that is required for customers to fully embrace the range of innovative possibilities that are offered by emerging mobile and wireless technologies.

The SIG aims to address these challenges and issues in a number of ways:

  • Provide a forum for open discussion of current developments, challenges and trends in the field of User Experience
  • Showcase the state of the art in user experience design
  • Explore innovative interaction techniques such as touch, motion, 3D, gesture, voice and augmented reality and examine how they can be used to enhance the mobile experience
  • Examine processes and techniques for taking more explicit account of user needs and involving or engaging users in the design process
  • Explore the challenges of creating a common user experience across converging technologies and the use of multiple devices
  • Explore how the user experience can be better informed by taking account of the range of knowledge and expectations of different users and the variety of contexts of use that need to be supported
  • Explore how emerging trends such as M2M and the Internet of things may impact user experience
  • Examine the business benefits that arise from driving innovation through user experience design

 The User Experience SIG Champions

Marine Barbaroux,
Cambridge Consultants

Stefano Borini

Giuliano Maciocci

Allan MacLean,

Geoff McCormick

Leo Poll,

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