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Management of long term, chronic conditions - Technology innovation in patient pathways

Brought to you by CW (Cambridge Wireless)

To highlight the challenges and opportunities technological innovations present to the health service now and in the future, this topical and exciting half-day event will be packed full of new ideas, discussion and debate.

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About the event

It will follow the patient pathway; from initial contact with an NHS member of staff (such as their GP), through to referral, primary treatment and support from social care services. With an enviable panel of experts leading the discussion, this SIG will address the issues surrounding the remote monitoring of carers and how that maps onto the technical world with a focus on clinical improvement and patient support, safety and confidentiality.
This event will focus on the route that a patient will take from their first contact with an NHS member of staff (such as their GP), through to referral, completion of their primary treatment and ongoing support from social care services.
Presentations will cover:   
  • Something’s wrong with me! – The GP front line and how mobile wireless technology can be used to facilitate chronic disease diagnosis and on going management within the new NHS
  • Fix me and discharge me - The electronic health record and the connected hospital
  • Is this treatment working? - Patient monitoring with implantable devices
  • Who’s going to help me afterwards? - Connected social care
The first presentation will highlight how wireless and mobile technologies are being used by GPs in assisting the early identification of chronic disease and helping to strengthen the patient-GP relationship for ongoing disease management. Key considerations will evolve around understanding how your local doctor can access and implement these technologies to provide vital early clinical data and help speed up the referral process.  
Following hospital admission, the patient's EHR is required to be easily accessible to authorised staff. This next talk will focus on how the ‘connected hospital’ facilitates access to the EHR to improve quality, safety and speed of treatment. Taking learning from prior hospital implementation pitfalls, this important presentation will outline how all data, from nurses’ notes to lab tests and consultation, may be stored, displayed, consumed and updated with total reliability and efficiency.

Implantable technologies have great scope for long-term management of chronic disease because they provide accurate and bespoke data gathered wirelessly from devises buried in the body; and crucially how this information can provide a tailored solution to the patient and healthcare provider. This innovative talk will demonstrate how a particular disease, once diagnosed, has the potential to be better managed following the fitting of a simple electronic implantable device.
Finally, following on from the thought-provoking theme of the last event covering the opportunities and challenges of care in the community, it is increasingly important for the 3rd sector and social services to provide ongoing support of patients with chronic illness. This next talk will consider how social care is supporting patients, outlining the challenges and where technologies are currently being used, how they go some way to assist,  but may not yet provide the entire solution.

Speakers for this Healthcare SIG event:

  • 'Encouraging Adoption of New Patient Pathways' - Charles Lowe, President-elect, Telemedicine & eHealth Section, Royal Society of Medicine
  • 'A Single Version of the Truth' - Keith Swinburne, Programme Director of the ehealth Project, Papworth Hospital
  • 'Involving Patients in their Own Healthcare - What Lies Ahead?' - Dr Afzal Chaudhry, Consultant Nephrologist & Clinical Lead for IT, CUH
  • 'Conventional and Cloud-Based Monitoring of the Heart Beat' - Dr Andrew Grace, Consultant Cardiologist, Papworth Hospital and the University of Cambridge
  • 'The Challenges of Managing Patients Outside the Surgery: A GP's Story' - Dr Rachel Morris, Assistant Director of GP Studies at University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
  • 'Technology Care on the Cheap: How can Mainstream and Specialised Technology Solutions be Used to Support People?' - Steve Barnard, Strategic Director of Innovation, Hft

We are also extremely grateful to our partners; IET, Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the Eastern Academic Health Science Network for supporting this event.
This event is FREE to members of Cambridge Wireless and people working in the NHS or CUHP. Tickets for non-members are £155 plus VAT. To join Cambridge Wireless as a member and attend future events for free, please visit:

You can follow @cambwireless on Twitter and tweet about this event using #CWHealthcare.

In partnership with IET

Working to engineer a better world. Inspiring the next generation of engineers and technicians. Informing the wider engineering community. Influencing government and standards to advance society.

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Supported by Cambridge Biomedical Campus

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus is a world-class centre of excellence dedicated to biomedical research, patient care and education. Current occupiers include Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute, the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre, the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. Unlike traditional science parks, the Campus is not just a real estate solution for research-led organisations. It is a community of like-minded individuals, many of whom are world-leaders in their field, working in successful partnerships both with one another and with industry in order to bring new and improved treatments and care to patients. In the past, space constraints have meant that accommodation on the Campus was restricted to the current occupiers. This is no longer the case however and the Campus is currently undergoing a major expansion. The development team is now inviting companies that can contribute to achieving the goals of the vibrant research community to consider locating alongside them on the Campus. Laboratory and office accommodation will be provided in state-of-the-art shared occupancy buildings with bespoke “design and build” options also available. For more information please visit:

Supported by EAHSN

Our purpose at Eastern AHSN is to turn great ideas into positive health impact.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


Registration & Networking over coffee (please note that lunch is not provided at this event)


Introduction to the Cambridge Wireless Healthcare SIG from Paul Winter of TTP


Adoption of New Patient Pathways; Charles Lowe, President-elect, Telemedicine & eHealth Section, Royal Society of Medicine

Many clinicians and patients are hesitant about new patient pathways that use technology to improve outcomes and reduce costs. This presentation will explore the reasons for that resistance and suggest the best ways to overcome it.




A Single Version of the Truth; Keith Swinburne, Programme Director of the eHealth Project, Papworth Hospital

An integrated electronic patient record is now generally accepted as an essential component in the delivery of effective multi-disciplinary healthcare but has proved elusive in the UK. Keith explains how Cambridge is tackling this issue with the eHospital programme.




Involving Patients in their Own Healthcare – What Lies Ahead? Dr Afzal Chaudhry, Consultant Nephrologist & Clinical Lead for IT, CUH

Extensive evidence shows that successful, high quality patient care is enhanced by directly involving the patients themselves. Technological advances mean that this can now extend far beyond the traditional consultation. Dr Chaudhry explores the current situation and what lies ahead for both Cambridge and others healthcare providers.




Refreshment Break


Conventional and Cloud-Based Monitoring of the Heart Beat; Dr Andrew Grace, Consultant Cardiologist, University of Cambridge

Disturbances of the cardiac rhythm are by their very nature episodic and seemingly stochastic. This talk will demonstrate how arrhythmias can be better managed through continuous monitoring using both implanted and non-implanted devices. Tailored risk stratification of arrhythmia risk and targeted therapy using cloud-based data exchange will also be covered.




The Challenges of Managing Patients Outside the Surgery: A GP's Story

This talk will use a case history to illustrate the challenges and issues involved in managing patients in a setting where diagnosis is uncertain, information is elusive and communication relies on paper.




Technology Care on the Cheap: How can Mainstream and Specialised Technology Solutions be Used to Support People? Steve Barnard, Strategic Director of Innovation, Hft

This presentation will focus on how a person-centred approach can enhance the quality of life of people whilst making them less dependent on others. The live video case studies used during the presentation will focus on people with learning disabilities, however many of the solutions are transferable to other groups.




Open Forum with all speakers chaired by Paul Winter of TTP


Fill in Evaluation Forms / Event Closes


Andrew Grace - Consultant Cardiologist, University of Cambridge

Charles Lowe - CEO, Royal Society of Medicine

Event Location

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Location info

Queens College, Fitzpatrick Hall, Silver Street, Cambridge, CB3 9ET

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