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Virtually There: At the Cusp of a Mixed Reality Revolution

Brought to you by The User Experience Group

After the false starts of the 90's, Virtual Reality is primed for a comeback. Billions in investments, dozens of start-ups, and a massive creative influx from both established and independent developers are collectively defining a potential revolution in digital user experiences.

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About the event

In this event we explore how user experience needs to evolve to facilitate natural, seamless interaction inside virtual environments, and with virtual objects and avatars. We will also discuss the outstanding challenges to creating a true sense of "presence" in the virtual, and the most important technology solutions evolving in this space.

Bring and Share
Participants are invited to give a short (3 minute maximum with 2-3 slides) presentation of a User Experience that they consider to be noteworthy – whether exceptionally good, exceptionally bad, or just plain unusual! Examples can come from any walk of life, whether work or home, public or private: they can be high tech, low tech or no tech; any product or service. The only restriction is that it should not be used as an opportunity to pitch the presenter’s own product or service.

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Hosted by Philips Research Laboratories

Philips Research is one of the world's largest corporate research organizations.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


Registration and networking with refreshments Including exhibitions from ARM, Autodesk and The Fusion Works


Welcome to CW from Robert Driver, CW


Host Welcome from David Walker, Philips Research Laboratories.


Introduction to User Experience and Scene Setting from Giuliano Maciocci


The Dos and Don’ts of navigating through a Virtual World; Lindsay Manning, Director, The Fusion Works

Over the last three years we have been producing Virtual Reality applications and have overcome some key challenges. These include movement without motion sickness and interacting with your virtual world using what is available to you inside the VR environment (hands, full body, controllers, and eyes). We wish to share some of our knowledge and key findings with others and answer any questions.




The next big step Designing in Virtual Reality; Robin Oldroyd, Visualization Designer, Autodesk

Virtual Reality has always been restricted by need for large investments of time and money, that restricted its appeal and adoption. With the influx of more capable and lower cost HMD’s, that are continually evolving hardware. We can now unleash VR in the hands of a wider audience. Architects, Designers and Engineers can make better decision, making interactions and immerse themselves far more easily.




Refreshments and networking Including exhibitions from ARM, Autodesk and The Fusion Works


Design, Prototyping and User Testing Methods for AR; Isobel Demangeat and Uros Strel Lencic

When working with AR we are often Incorporating the values of science fiction into an achievable design. We will talk about how early prototypes and user testing explore feasibility of scenarios and suitability of concept as well as details of the design for AR. We will discuss what methods are suitable for this and the challenges around these methods.




Panel session with all speakers chaired by Geoff McCormick


Exhibition and Drinks Reception


Event Closes


Isobel Demangeat

Lindsay Manning - Director, The Fusion Works

I am a director of The Fusion Works, a creative technology and design business. I play a key role in keeping the business at the leading edge of software development, including virtual reality, gaming, apps and business systems.

With more than 20 years experience of programming and systems, I support clients who are working with legacy IT and advising on making informed decisions for IT investment and integration. I

I take pride in solving problems - like making virtual worlds look photo-realistic, re-engineering complex business systems or integrating websites and smartphone apps.

If it can be solved with code or IT expertise then I'll solve it.

Meanwhile, our creative team adds branding, marketing, PR, social media, communications, exhibitions, events, 3D, moving images and photography to the toolkit.

Robin Olgroyd - Visualization Designer, Autodesk

Uros Strel Lencic

SIG Champions

Marine Barbaroux - Head Of User Experience, Fluidic Analytics

Marine is a digital product and service designer in Cambridge and has been in and around the design field for more than 20 years. With an education in product design and graphic art, she joined the world of software and now applies her skills to ensure great user experiences at Cambridge Consultants. She's designed a number of products and managed UX teams both in France and in the UK, mentored at Springboard (now TechStar London), and recruited a fair number of whatever-the-flavour-of-the-month-is-UX-o-tronologists you can think of... For her, design is about problem-solving more than anything. The role of a designer is to come up with novel concepts where required, but also make sure those are realistic and achievable. Cooperation is key. In her spare time, she works with acrylics, Photoshop and Illustrator to keep the creative juices flowing!

Allan MacLean - Director, Amdeo

Amdeo specialises in the development and exploitation of high tech innovations. Amdeo principal, Allan MacLean, has worked in research and management roles at the leading edge of Information and Communication Technologies for over 25 years. He was a founder member of Xerox's European Research Centre in the 80's and was a major contributor to building it into one of the world's leading centres of expertise in the user centred design of innovative technologies. In 2002, he co-founded Image Semantics, which he helped lead to become a global provider of innovative mobile applications and services. Allan has frequently advised on funding programmes in the UK, Europe and North America to help improve the fit between technologies and human needs and improve the exploitation of government funded research.

Geoff McCormick - Senior User Experience Architect, Akendi UK

Geoff has worked as a business consultant in the design industry for over 10 years. In that time he has worked with some of the world's most famous and successful designers, where his role was to help designers, companies and brands to try and maximise the commercial effectiveness of design. His experience covers every populated continent and a diverse range of sectors, including developing a mobile petrol retail station, an interior design system for VIP aircraft, hydrogen powered vehicles, packaging strategies for FMCG brands and innovation programmes utilising Asian sourcing. It is this breadth of experience that he values most. Common across all of his clients and projects is the desire to create truly unique experiences that occupy a space in peoples' hearts and minds.

Leo Poll - President Akendi UK/Europe, Akendi UK

Technically everything is possible, making it work for people is where the real challenges are. Addressing these challenges from an end-user perspective in a way that makes business sense is what drives Leo. With more than 20 years of experience in Innovation driven Experience Research and Design he is able to bring an ability of strong lateral thinking combined with broad domain knowledge of applications/markets and technical enablers. Previous to his role at Akendi, Leo worked for the mobile phone division of Philips in Le Mans, France, managed numerous international projects whilst employed by Philips Electronics UK, was a member of the global 'Connectivity Programme' board of Philips Research, (Co-)founded Ryppel Ltd, Eversfield Innovation Ltd, Galileo Software Adviesbureau v.o.f.

Event Location

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Philips Research Laboratories, Cambridge

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