Changemakers Catalyst Fund Showcase Event

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Join CW and Homerton Changemakers, University of Cambridge to hear from six outstanding student teams leading projects they hope will transform the world we live in, and create a just, sustainable, regenerative future.

About the event

Join Cambridge Wireless and Homerton Changemakers, University of Cambridge on the 3rd October to hear from six outstanding student teams leading projects they hope will transform the world we live in, and create a just, sustainable, regenerative future.

Running for the last three years, The Changemakers Catalyst Fund is an annual scheme to help accelerate the development of student-led initiatives with capacity for making change in society, business, or policy. These projects won catalyst funding and access to industry mentoring for developing their enterprises to the next level.

This popular evening event will allow you to hear the presentations from this year’s 6 winning projects and network with the academics, industry and next generation communities who want to make an impact

This event is free to attend but registration is essential.

This event is organised by Homerton Changemakers. Kindly sponsored by TTP plc, supported by ARU and delivered in partnership with Cambridge Wireless

About Homerton Changemakers Homerton-Changemakers

Cambridge University students get an amazing degree – the Homerton Changemakers programme equips these students with skills & perspectives beyond their degrees to become wise change-agents amidst complexity, challenge & disruption.  It is a unique programme that prepares the next generation of leaders to face the challenges of the 21st century, empowering them to make a profound difference for good. 

CW is proud to support this initiative. If you are interested in offering industry mentoring support for future funding schemes please email to find out more.

You can follow @HChangemakers on Twitter.


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Registration over refreshments and a light supper


Welcome from Dr Alison Wood, Academic Director, Homerton Changemakers


Welcome from Lord Simon Woolley, Principal of Homerton College


Welcome from our sponsor, Chantal Taylor, TTP


Welcome from Olu Orugboh, Chair, Cambridge Wireless Board & Rowland Orugboh Prize


Presentation One: SynPixels


In conventional cancer radiotherapy, treatment plans are designed based on an initial computed tomography (CT) scan acquired after diagnosis, but they become less accurate as a patient's anatomy changes over the course of treatment. Adaptive radiotherapy dynamically adjusts treatment strategies based on real-time changes in a patient's anatomy. However, the biggest challenge is the lack of high-quality CT images during each fraction. SynPixels aims to develop deep learning models designed to generate high-fidelity CT images conditioned using low-quality cone-beam CT scans. In practical terms, this product generates synthetic CT scans that reflect a patient's daily anatomy. This allows for the daily evaluation of doses to the tumour and critical organs, ensuring precise delivery of radiation doses tailored to the patient.


Presentation Two: CulturaVerse


CulturaVerse is a platform that helps demystify the cultural barriers that a lot of people face while representing or understanding their different people’s identities throughout the globe. Due to the current media, the portrayal of certain ethnic groups or cultures has been extremely villainized and has been a means to drive a certain narrative. This leaves a lot of common people to be villainized for a crime they never committed. We provide a platform to celebrate the positive impact that these people and their culture have and how it can be a means to learn more about them and celebrate the unity in diversity. CulturaVerse is a platform that leverages the use of the current generation of AI models to provide a quick and easy way to represent these cultures on a global scale.


Presentation Three: SparkBots


SparkBots aims to encourage students from underrepresented backgrounds to engage with STEM activities through the medium of physical computing. Young people interact more with technology than ever before, but they do not have equal opportunities to understand and influence the future of technology. We are currently missing out on so many potential engineers and scientists, who are underserved by current offerings. With strong groundings in technology and engineering as well as understanding of the educational landscape, SparkBots designs kits that specifically cater to the needs of these groups. The project aims to integrate young people’s thoughts and desires at every stage of the design and prototyping process, helping to build activities that are fun and engaging as well as educational.


Comfort break


Rupert Baines, Serial Entrepreneur - Ivan Baines Prize


Abhi Naha, Digital Accelerator, PwC & Ambassador United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute - Lovely Naha Foundation Prize


Presentation Four: Stayn

Success can feel as if it is enshrouded with secrets and mystery. Stayn reveals those secrets, and propels any and every student toward success. ‘Disadvantaged’ students already possess unique abilities, perspectives, and talents. Sometimes, all they need is to know what to do in a networking event or an interview to turn these existing talents into success. No matter their aspirations or qualifications, it is really about the skills which Stayn their future with success, such as confidence, self-starting, and independence. Every student is different and there is no one way to learn, so Stayn offers a variety of opportunities for students. The website will give students a choice from many online skills programmes, platform mutual mentoring, cultural enrichment, and other resources. For schools and teachers, Stayn provides partnerships, teaching resources, and curriculum guidance. When these students eventually become their own changemakers, we will all benefit from a better world.


Presentation Five: Sustainakid


Our project provides seaweed cultivation kits for kids, combined with an educational app to raise awareness about the multiple uses of seaweed, creating a sustainable farming and consumption model. We aim to teach and embed sustainable habits. In the next generation through this interactive, engaging and fun learning experience, with the hope that they will go on to make a change in society, by inspiring others and sharing their newfound knowledge. The catalyst funding will help us develop and distribute more kits at a lower cost, enabling us to provide kits to a greater number of children, increasing the impact of our project. It will also be used to further develop the community platform on our app, to improve the ease at which eco-communities and support networks can form.


Presentation Six: Regenerate Bone Broth

Regenerate Bone Broth

At Regenerate, our mission is to help people increase their nutritional intake with our bone broth - a nutritious liquid made by simmering bones and connective tissue, rich in protein, collagen, and minerals that promote gut health and overall wellness. We aim to bring a fresh and flavourful bone broth to the market. Our primary challenge lies in eliminating the need for shelf-life extending preservatives. This commitment is crucial to us because it ensures our bone broth remains a no-nonsense, nutrient-rich food that tastes as good
as homemade bone broth. Gone are the days of being deterred by long simmering times. We are dedicated to helping as many people as possible embrace traditional wellness foods by providing them with access to high-quality products.


Thank you to the Changemakers Catalyst Fund Mentors and Judges from Dr Soraya Jones, Homerton Changemakers

• Rupert Baines, Serial Entrepreneur/Investor
• Lily Cheng, Founder CEO, The Rising Network
• Mary-Ann Claridge & Phil Claridge, Director of Mandrel Systems
• Glenn Collinson, serial founder & NED/Advisory Board
• Dan Dearing, Senior Innovation Specialist, St John’s Innovation
• Pooya Kamvari, Founder CEO, HomeRun App & Alumnus of Homerton
• Sylvia Lu, Head of Technology Strategy, u-blox UK
• Polly Machin, Senior Investment Analyst, Cambridge Enterprise
• Stew McTavish, CEO of Centre for Better Futures
• Abhi Naha, UNDP Ambassador & Digital Accelerator Director, PwC
• Olu Orugboh, Chair of Cambridge Wireless Board
• Prof Gary Packham, Pro Vice Chancellor, ARU
• Kavita Ravindran and Rajeshwari Iyer, Founders of Sainaptics
• Dave Roberts, CEO, Jabooh Software & SIG Champion Cambridge
• Claire Rose, Innovation Consultant
• Vidhya Sridhar, TTP
• Jerry Wu, Head of Investment, TUS Park


Networking over beers and snacks


Event closes

Event Location

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The Great Hall, Homerton College, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PH

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