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CW TEC 2021: Engineering 5G Private Networks

Brought to you by CW (Cambridge Wireless)

The CW Technology and Engineering Conference 2021 will explain how 5G Private Networks, a significant component of the future 5G landscape, will be built.

Registration for this event is now closed.

About the event

CW TEC 2021 will explore private 5G networks. They are forecast to be a significant component of the future 5G landscape; but what is a 5G Private Network? What will they be used for? And, most importantly, how will we build them?

Through detailed technical presentations, CW TEC 2021 will explore the engineering which will enable a successful 5G Private Network ecosystem, covering topics such as:

  • Spectrum
  • 5G NR coverage and capacity planning
  • Network architecture
  • O-RAN and vRAN
  • The supply chain
  • Other network components, such as 5G SA core and edge computing, which will complement 5G private networks and deliver use cases such as URLLC

Find out more about CW TEC 2021

The CW Engineering Conference (CW TEC) is a day designed specifically for engineers. It offers a more technical and focused agenda than the CW International Conference, exploring an emerging problem space that our engineering community has highlighted as being particularly worthy of debate.

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Mavenir is the industry's only end-to-end, cloud-native Network Software and Solutions/Systems Integration Provider, focused on accelerating software network transformation.

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AttoCore Ltd

AttoCore creates mobile core software for 4G and 5G networks.

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Freshwave invests expertise and capital in ways that make digital infrastructure remarkably simple. Faster, less costly and in the right places.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.

CW TEC 2021: Day 1 - 7 July 2021


Registration and networking


Welcome to the conference


Scene setting and introduction to the day


Radio network planning

Session chair, Iris Barcia, Chief Operating Officer, Keima
We often hear that 5G private networks will be deployed in a wide variety of Enterprises, including challenging environments and in some cases associated to very particular latency or capacity requirements. In this section we will hear from industry experts about 5G spectrum, 5G planning in the context of the Enterprise and the different connectivity strategies that can be adopted.

Options for 5G private networks and finding the most cost effective one for your situation
Julie Bradford, Managing Consultant, Real Wireless
Julie will explain the different technical solutions offered for achieving a 5G private network and the relative maturity of each of these. This talk will then look at how selecting the “best” option varies for different physical settings, target services, existing infrastructure etc. and how these factors influence deployment cost.

Designing, Building and Managing Private Networks
Mike Kennett, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Freshwave (sponsor)
Mike will talk about Freshwave's private network journey, which started with delivering the UK’s first shared spectrum private mobile network with small cells. He will also look to the future with 5G private networks and the opportunities they offer compared to 4G.

5G Enterprise spectrum and its ecosystem
Steve Evans, Nokia Enterprise CTO for the UK and Ireland, Nokia
Steve will give a view on “Enterprise Spectrum” including the 5G SA ecosystem and examples of countries that have gone down the Enterprise path; USA, several in Europe and then focus on the UK where we (the industry) are making good progress in terms of spectrum and Enterprise 5G SA uptake.


Networking break and exhibition


Open RAN and network architecture in private networks

Session chair, Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect, British Telecommunications
There are many different RAN terminologies in the 5G era, such as, cloud-RAN, C-RAN, virtualised-RAN (vRAN) and Open RAN, but what are they and how do they differentiate? What are the operator business challenges and the drivers for pursuing the new architecture? What are the use cases and how will the new RAN paradigm benefit operators and private networks?

Implementing Open RAN: economic and architectural challenges
Roberto Kompany, Senior Analyst, Analysis Mason
The implementation of an open, disaggregated RAN is on the agenda of a growing number of service providers as they plan for the next phase of 5G, but there are significant challenges to address before the architecture can be deployed at scale for business-critical applications. In this presentation, we will identify the key drivers for 5G Open RAN deployment, as well as the main risks, and will examine the potential role of new architecture. What are the technical and economic choices that operators can make to mitigate these risks and achieve the optimal outcome?

Private Networks delivering on the 5G dream: What to expect in 2021 and Beyond
Vinay Dhar, SVP Business Development, BU Emerging Business, Mavenir 
This session will present stats on Private Networks and look at the uptake of private networks and some forecast figures of growth; the drivers in deploying 5G Private Networks; the real use-cases deployed and enabled by private 5G network and the different choices available for Private Networks. What are the best of breed solutions that can speed and ease deployment and what are the practical challenges of building 5G private networks?

5G Private Networks Design and Deployment
Lou Walker, Senior Portfolio Architect – Networks, BT
This session will present stats on Private Networks and look at the uptake of private networks and some forecast figures of growth; the drivers in deploying 5G Private Networks; the real use-cases deployed and enabled by private 5G network and the different choices available for Private Networks. What are the best of breed solutions that can speed and ease deployment and what are the practical challenges of building 5G private networks?


Day 1 wrap up and day 2 peek


Bring your own lunch and networking and exhibition

CW TEC 2021: Day 2 - 8 July 2021


Registration, networking and exhibition


Welcome from CW (Cambridge Wireless)/UK5G


Securing Private 5G networks

Session chair Francesca Serravalle, Emerging Technology Director, Colt Technology Services
In this section we’ll discuss the need for security within 5G private networks. Security of confidential data is business critical nowadays however security of the infrastructure is also essential, how do security considerations impact the private network architecture and which solution best fit which use cases.

Assuring the Security of Private 5G Networks
Stephen Douglas, Head of 5G Strategy, Spirent
Security in Private 5G Networks will be a cross functional and continuously evolving approach. This talk will share insights on how leading 5G Service Providers and Enterprises are exploring Continuous and Automated Testing methodologies as part of their defence strategy to proactively assure security efficacy and business continuity.

Securing Private 5G Networks
Mohsen Shakoor, Senior Manager of Market Development, Pelion
Mohsen will discuss and outline how security in private 5G networks is tied to use case, such as IoT, and how knowledge of the use case will drive decisions on security decisions and managing of the devices.

Resilient Private 5G Networks
Andrew Kelly, Principal Consultant (Security), QinetiQ
Andrew will give an overview of the challenges of designing and implementing resilient private 5G networks, why resilience matters and an outline of steps that can be taken to improve resilience.


Networking and exhibition


Lessons from early deployment

Session chair Peter Love, 5G Densification Architect, Nokia
Lessons from Early Deployment
When all is said and done private wireless technology has to offer true business benefits to those who wish to use it. In this session we will discuss a wide range of real use cases and discus some of the lessons learned from these early deployments.

Creating Multi Vendor O-RAN Based Private Networks (Sponsor)
Steve Coppins, Business Development Manager, AttoCore Ltd
The new world of private networks and shared access spectrum creates a great opportunity for telecoms vendor diversification. This presentation offers an insight into projects which take vendor diversification out of the wish list in government policy documents and into 5G private network reality

Designing a Private 5G Network for Maximum Return
Derek Long, Head of Telecoms and Mobile, Cambridge Consultants
Ambitious enterprises are preparing to shift crucial aspects of their operations to private 5G networks and exploiting the powerful use cases they enable to deliver huge business advantage. The pandemic has shown that those who deployed IT and wireless innovation were more efficient, adapted more rapidly to market turmoil and displayed greater resilience in the face of change. The lesson learned was not to step back, but to press forward. In this presentation, Derek will explain why many businesses are turning to private 5G to underpin their digital transformation ambitions and the key design factors that will maximise network ROI. This is a topic we expand on in our new whitepaper – Mobilizing private 5G networks – which has been written as a practical guide for creating maximum business impact when designing or deploying private networks.

Lessons Learned from 5G Private Network Pilots
Dimitra Simeonidou, Professor, University of Bristol
The talk will discuss architectural and technical approaches of recent private 5G network deployments for manufacturing and port logistics application. It will highlight challenges and benefits and will project towards emerging trends.


Closing remarks


Bring your own lunch, networking and exhibition


Julie Bradford - Managing Consultant in Wireless Techno-Economics, Real Wireless

Julie has worked in the wireless industry for over 15 years.  At Real Wireless, she is a thought leader in 5G business case analysis including understanding 5G use cases, quantifying (in financial terms) the operational and socio-economic benefits of 5G services and understanding network dimensioning and cost implications under 5G virtualised networks.

She has most recently led Real Wireless’ techno-economic analysis on the EC Horizon 2020 5G-MoNArch project.  Inspired by the project’s smart sea port testbed constructed by HPA, Nokia and DT in the Port of Hamburg, this analysis included quantifying the operational benefits of 5G to port authorities and other port users and the cost implications of delivering these industrial grade wireless services from existing mobile infrastructure via network slicing supported via the virtualised 5G-MoNArch network architecture.

Previously, Julie was Communications Engineer at QinetiQ UK, consultant at PA Consulting UK, and Senior Systems Engineer for Airvana UK. 

Steve Coppins - Business Development Manager, AttoCore Ltd

Steve Coppins started his telecoms career testing the operation of analogue trunks on the DMS-100, spending 15 years in R&D before roles in sales and marketing, product management and a secondment to SEEDA with responsibilities for RDA broadband policy. He is a firm believer in vendor diversification, in the need to support R&D and SMEs and in the need for government and regulators to remove barriers to the adoption of private networks. He is currently responsible for Business Development with AttoCore. His presentation will focus on the experience of implementing private networks, with specific reference to 5G Create projects.

Vinay Dhar - SVP Business Development, BU Emerging Business, Mavenir

ICT professional with over 20 years of highly successful international experience in leadership role in driving Profit & Loss Business responsibility, client engagement, corporate Strategy, Sales & Business development and Solution/ product management of highly complex digital IT software systems and solutions. Unique skill-mix with amalgamation of deep technological domain expertise, hands-on management style and passion to drive profitable business growth. Entrepreneurial abilities to develop new businesses with innovative business models in new geographies. Strong knowledge of technologies across the stack (Applications, Infrastructure, Network, and Security) including emerging technologies (Cloud, Big Data, IoT, etc.).

Proven business understanding on Private Networks and IoT domain for cross Industries digital transformation such as Telecom, Media, Automotive, Utility, Public safety, manufacturing and more. In-depth business understanding and domain competence of wireless communications industry. Successful in delivering product development projects in a global delivery model. Recognized as a leader with excellent communication skills including ability to speak at major industry events. Currently working in Mavenir, Sweden in the capacity of SVP & Head Business Development, Emerging Business Unit. Responsibility is to build long-term profitable business for Mavenir with focus on Private Networks & IIoT domain with an established Eco-system market. 

Stephen Douglas - Head of Market Strategy, Spirent Communications, -, VIAVI solutions

Stephen heads Spirents market strategy organization developing Spirents strategy, helping to define market positioning, future growth opportunities, new innovative solutions and market leading disruptive technologies. Stephen also leads Spirent’s strategic initiatives for 5G and future networks and represents Spirent on a number of Industry and Government advisory boards.

With over 25 years’ experience in telecommunications Stephen has been at the cutting edge of next generation technologies and has worked across the industry with service providers, network equipment manufacturers and  start-ups, helping them drive innovation and transformation. Stephen is an ardent believer in connected technology and strives to challenge, blur and break down the silos which prevent innovation and business success.

Steve Evans - CTO UK&I, Nokia

It is a challenging but rewarding role that encompasses all types of Enterprise businesses such as Government, Energy, Transport, Manufacturing, Health etc etc. Strong focus on Private Wireless across all sectors.

Background has been 20 years of fixed and mobile telecoms both on the operator and the vendor sides covering OSS/BSS core, mobile, optical, IP, broadband and pretty much anything else over which a packet can go.

I enjoy motor racing, football and cycling. I do enough of one, not enough of one and can't afford one. I am married with 2 children who are both at high school which makes me wonder if time travel is possible given how quick their school life is passing.

Andrew Kelly - Principal Consultant (Security), QinetiQ

Andrew Kelly is Principal Consultant in the Cyber & Information team and Technical Lead for Cyber Security, IoT and Telecoms Resilience at QinetiQ. Andrew has put to use extensive experience in both the public and private sector to provide leadership across a range of programmes and clients. Andrew has over 20 years’ experience across the security industry and began his career at a small consultancy called Buro Happold. Andrew was Technical Lead for the security of the London 2012 Olympic Park and Emirates Stadium Identity, Access Control and Security Systems. Andrew set up a security team in the Middle East and was embedded as Technical Security Lead for the Louvre Museum - Abu Dhabi. More recently Andrew was Chief Information Security Officer for the Emergency Services Network and has had significant involvement with the 5G Security Landscape on behalf of DCMS.

Mike Kennett - Head of Regulatory Affairs, Freshwave, Senior Consultant & Head of Regulatory Affairs, Freshwave

Mike Kennett (PhD MIET) has over 25 years' experience in the industry, working with cellular, Wi-Fi, IoT, PMR, digital TV broadcasting and radar technologies. Currently with leading UK network service provider Freshwave, he plays a key role in developing innovative products and services for the company. He also helps customers assess the costs and benefits of wireless technologies, ensures compliance with EMF regulations and acquires spectrum when needed. In 2021 he was elected to techUK’s Communications Infrastructure and Services Council. His previous roles include eight years providing consultancy to Heathrow Airport, where his duties included advising on the impact of spectrum regulation proposals, writing Ofcom consultation responses and minimising interference within the complex radio environment at the airport. He started his career using radar on glaciers which took him to Norway, Arctic Canada and the Antarctic.

Roberto Kompany - Principal Analyst, Omdia

Roberto is a member of Analysys Mason’s Telecoms Software and Networks research team and is the lead analyst for the Next-Generation Wireless Networks programme focusing on strategy and market research. He is also a Cambridge Wireless Special Interest Group (SIG) mobile broadband champion. Prior to joining Analysys Mason, Roberto worked for Dixons Carphone, where he analysed the effect on the business of shifts in the telecoms market – for example, in terms of mergers, operator KPIs and technology – in Europe and the UK. Previous positions included consultancy, where he helped a variety of clients worldwide with mobile-related projects, such as a capex reduction and developing a 5-year strategy for an incumbent’s wireless infrastructure. He started his career at a leading network equipment vendor, where he served in several different capacities, such as R&D, and deployment and optimisation of mobile infrastructures across multiple continents. Roberto holds an MSc in Mobile & Satellite Communications from University of Surrey and an MBA from IE Business School.

Derek Long - Head of Telecommunications, Cambridge Consultants

As head of telecoms and mobile at Cambridge Consultants, Derek leads the company’s collaboration within the sector. Central to Derek’s role at Cambridge Consultants is helping create breakthrough innovation that transforms the delivery of high-performance communication for their partners; from mobile carriers and ISPs, to vendors and component manufacturers. With over 20 years’ experience in mobile technology, Derek has held a range of multinational senior management roles and has a wealth of expertise across all generations of mobile and broadband technology, including LTE-A and 5G. Derek holds a PhD in telecommunications from the University of Bristol.

Francesca Serravalle - Emerging Technology Director, Colt Technology Services Ltd

Francesca is a Telecom exec with 15 years of experience with roles spanning solution strategy, technical and strategic marketing, and business development.

She is currently working at Colt Technology Services as Emerging Technology Director with key responsibility in transforming tech trends in innovative solution.

Prior to joining Colt Technology Services, she has worked shortly for Ofcom as Technology Consultant with key focus on 5G security and resilience and previously she has worked for ICT vendor NEC for 15 years holding various senior roles across diverse technologies: AI, IoT, smart city/data platform, LTE, 5G, NFV/SDN.

In her latest role in NEC, Francesca has led the business incubation activity of digital transformation solutions. Key responsibilities included developing synergies across business units, technology partners and emerging technologies to enable the realisation of the digital agenda of city authorities across Europe as well as the definition of network transformation roadmap for service providers.

At NEC she has been responsible of strategy, business incubation and GTM activities of both customer experience and innovative small cell solutions.

Francesca is driven by passion for technology and innovation and has been a key contributor in the standardisation of LTE technology holding a number of patents on important functionalities including Self Organising Network, Ran Sharing Enhancement, and 4G security.

Mohsen Shakoor - Senior Manager of Market Development, Pelion Ltd

Mr. Mohsen Shakoor (he/him) is Senior Manager of Market Development, responsible for Pelion’s strategic and go-to-market partners with a focus on IoT Connectivity, spanning OEMs and service providers across Europe, US and Asia. Holding a technical degree, ongoing MBA, successful tech start-up and subsequent experience, he helps organisations globally build and execute go-to-market plans for their connected device services.

Dimitra Simeonidou - Professor of High Performance Networks, University of Bristol (Communication Systems & Networks Research Group)

Dimitra Simeonidou is a Full Professor at the University of Bristol, the Co-Director of the Bristol Digital Futures Institute and the Director of Smart Internet Lab. Her research is focusing on the fields of high-performance networks, programmable networks, wireless-optical convergence, 5G/6G and smart city infrastructures. She is increasingly working with Social Sciences on topics of digital transformation for society and businesses. Dimitra has been the Technical Architect and the CTO of the smart city project Bristol Is Open. She is currently leading the Bristol City/Region 5G and Open RAN pilots.

She is the author and co-author of over 600 publications, numerous patents and several major contributions to standards.

She has been co-founder of two spin-out companies, the latest being the University of Bristol VC funded spin-out Zeetta Networks delivering SDN solutions for enterprise and emergency networks.

Dimitra is a Fellow of the Royal Academy  of Engineering (FREng), a Fellow of the IEEE (FIEEE) and a Royal Society Wolfson Scholar.

Lou Walker - Senior Portfolio Architect, BT

With 35 years in the telecommunications industry, Lou Walker has amassed a wide ranging experience in the Mobile Networks industry, having held leadership roles in Network Operations, Testing, Design, Solutions, Services and Architecture, on behalf of both Mobile Network Operators and Vendors. Currently working for BT within Mobile Architecture & Solutions, Lou is responsible for driving the technology development and implementation strategy for 5G Private Networks for BT’s Global and Enterprise ventures. 

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