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How to be Boring – Adrenaline Rush Avoidance for Medical Device Engineers

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Developing medical devices is highly rewarding but also undeniably hard. Sadly, failure too often stems from a set of familiar and surmountable development hurdles. In this session, particularly aimed at technical team leaders, we will explore some common challenges and measures to overcome them.

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As an engineering leader starting out in the Medical Devices industry, you stride toward a glorious, bright horizon down a path strewn with the remains of unprepared teams. There are many things that can go wrong along the way, and indeed half the fun in development is in confirming that your ingenuity is equal to the challenges – after all, this is the reason you above all others were born for this job.

The challenges can arguably be placed into two categories. Type 1 is the “good” kind of problem – sudden, daunting, a significant exercise for the team but ultimately bounded and rapidly remediated, these are the stuff of engineering legend, a week of late nights culminating in a warm glow of achievement and a new story to tell the grandchildren. Type 2 problems are vastly more threatening to projects and so to the very existence of a small company – these are characterised by technical debt built up over time and recognised late, shaky foundations discovered through a gradual realisation that things are getting more and more difficult, and increasing panic as critical dates approach and whizz by. If you want to enjoy your engineering career, I thoroughly recommend taking precautionary steps to minimise Type 2 events so that you can properly appreciate Type 1 when they inevitably arise.

In this lunchtime session, we will look at some familiar, frequently-encountered type 2 issues with special relevance to medical device development, exploring:

  • Why these serious issues affect the Medical Devices industry in particular
  • How these issues can escalate to threaten your entire programme
  • A simple logical framework to help predict which challenges are most likely to arise in your development
  • What an engineering team can do to head off these problems before they occur

The session is free and open to all (with the kind support of CW and The Bradfield Centre) and is particularly aimed at technical leaders and those with an interest in programme-level problem-solving and risk management.

Please feel free to bring and enjoy your lunch in the auditorium!

Session led by Nurtured Revolution Ltd

We are a Systems Engineering consultancy providing advice and technical services to companies bringing new medical devices to market. We believe your core idea and technical expertise are precious, and work with you to provide the protection they deserve from the special pressures associated with the medical devices industry. Our consultants bring to bear their extensive experience across a variety of medical developments, assisting you in quickly finding your feet in the medical development environment and helping to reduce the burden of regulatory stipulations, releasing key team members to concentrate on the important thing: your technology.

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The Bradfield Centre, 184 Cambridge Science Park Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0GA

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