Join us on the 2nd November at Hinxton Hall for an exploration of the ‘connected person’ and their connected environment

Imposter Syndrome with Kate Atkin – Success: What lies behind the mask?

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An informative and inspiring talk exploring courage, confidence and the Imposter Phenomenon – with Kate Atkin

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About the event

We are delighted to welcome Kate Atkin to the Allia Future Business Centre for an exploration of the theme - Imposter Syndrome or Imposter Phenomenon

Do you or your staff experience a nagging doubt that they/you could be ‘found out’ or put their/your success down to luck or timing?

Have you noticed a need to be perfect and avoid making mistakes because it ‘proves’ they/you are not up to the job?

Would you like your staff to feel more confident, and put themselves forward for new projects, opportunities or even promotion?

And how do you handle over confidence, without dampening enthusiasm?

Many people have a voice inside that says they could do so much more, at work, in their community or at home.  The internal chatter is sometimes accompanied by a lack of confidence which can prevent you reaching your potential.  Success also comes with its own trials.  Many high achievers have an internal voice asking “did they really mean to promote me?”, “am I really good enough?”, “what if they find me out?”… and it can be really stressful!  The irony is that the real frauds don’t tend to experience these thoughts at all.  During this talk Kate Atkin will provide you with some practical tips, tricks and techniques to give confidence a boost and help banish the imposter feelings.  The strategies are grounded in science and work in the real world.

Through this interactive talk you will:

  • explore the reasons behind imposter feelings and how to spot them in others
  • discover how to grow inner confidence
  • leave equipped with ways to boost resilience and get past the imposter feelings, whether your own or to help those you manage

The imposter phenomenon is experienced by some 70% of people at some point in their lives. Described as a feeling of intellectual phoniness, this phenomenon, or syndrome, is not confined to women, or to academics, or to those who work for others… it is widely experienced.

It is a feeling of being an imposter (the real imposters don’t experience it at all!).

About Kate Atkin: Inspirational speaker, training consultant and coach

Once a shy schoolgirl from rural Lincolnshire, Kate Atkin is now an award-winning speaker so she has plenty of ideas on how to overcome the butterflies and find the inner strength needed to be the best ‘you’ that you can be.

Before starting her own learning and development business in 2000 Kate had a successful career with Barclays Bank plc. In 2015 she completed an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology which has brought insights into well-being, meaning and positivity.  This also led to opportunities to lecture at Cambridge University Judge Business School.  She is continuing with her research, currently focussing on courage, confidence and the imposter phenomenon.  Kate is also author of The Presentation Workout and The Confident Manager and a world debating champion.

Watch Kate on video:

What others say…

"With her intelligent content and thoughtful delivery, Kate created a genuine safe space in which to discuss our own experiences of the imposter phenomenon.  Her advice has helped me to recognise that my own perfectionism at work is, in part, a response to my imposter feelings and it has been a relief to adopt a more pragmatic approach as a result!  Recognising that this phenomenon may affect colleagues, irrespective of how confident they may appear, is also helping me as an HR professional when seeking to support, encourage and empower colleagues". -  Kathie Alban HR Manager, Fauna and Flora International

Part of our Serious Impact programme of wider business support.

Tuesday 10th October – Allia Future Business Centre 

Please join us from 9.30am for Coffee and the Workshop starts promptly at 10am.

  • 9.30     Welcome & Registration
  • 10am   Workshop starts
  • 11.30 – 12pm     Q&A & Close

FREE Workshop for business - Please Register to join us, places are limited.

Tuesday 10th October is the 25th World Mental Health Day recognised by the World Health Organisation. The theme for 2017 is Mental Health in the Workplace.  As poor mental health affects 1 in 4 people, Kate Atkin would like to support fundraising for Anxiety UK, a small national charity providing much needed support for those who suffer from anxiety.

A page is now registered by Kate Atkin for donations and support - please visit for further details or to donate.

Anxiety UK

You can follow @ftrbusiness on Twitter and tweet about this event using #ImposterSyndrome.

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Allia Future Business Centre , Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge, CB4 2HY

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