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Telehealth in 2021 and beyond

Brought to you by The Healthcare Group

At this event you will consider what an ideal telehealth system might look like, and how its features might improve patient care and benefit the NHS.

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About the event

Telehealth, the delivery of healthcare from a distance, has become increasingly normalised over the past 12 months, as the Covid pandemic has impacted on the usual doctor / patient relationship. The most obvious manifestation of telehealth, teleconferencing, has allowed doctors and patients to communicate effectively with each other, and has also allowed clinical groups to collaborate efficiently.  And while many patients still prefer direct human interactions, others have appreciated the convenience of a direct conference call with their doctor.

There are of course clear limitations in what can be done through teleconferencing.  While a variety of communication devices have been developed to enable medical practitioners to monitor, diagnose and treat patients without having to be physically with them, there remains much to do.

The question asked in this SIG event is, ‘What would an ideal telehealth system look like if it was designed for healthcare, and how might its features improve patient care and benefit the NHS?’.

Can we develop technologies and devices to enable more effective physiological monitoring? Can we securely transfer and display confidential patient data? Will on-line AI systems have a role to play in rapid diagnosis?

Improving patients’ experience is the main reason to use technology in healthcare, but a recent report has described doctors now ‘working in call-centres’. So, can we use technology to improve the doctors’ working environment, enabling them to enhance their interaction with patients and deliver more effective and personal healthcare?

Covid has accelerated the move to digital delivery of healthcare, but we must not forget that the NHS waiting list at the end of the pandemic will require more and different solutions to support and care for patients.

If you are a healthcare worker you can attend this event free of charge.  Please email to request your free ticket.

You can follow @CambWireless on Twitter and tweet about this event using #CWHealthcare.


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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


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Introduction to topic and Healthcare SIG


'Clinical Movement Laboratories: now and the future': Dr Thomas Stone, Clinical Scientist, Cambridge Clinical Movement Laboratory, Cambridge University Hospital


‘ECG detection enabled everywhere!’: Adrian Condon, CTO, B-Secur

ECG is the primary vital sign used to diagnose heart and wider health conditions however, Cardiovascular Disease is the number one killer in the world. What if technology enabled heart and health conditions to be detected much earlier than is typically done today?


‘Vision for IPTV tablets and screens for remote and in-care healthcare’: Danny Shaw, Vice President Global Sales, Hibox


'Sensor Based Mobile Telehealth Solutions': Jim Carroll, CTO, Digica

Two case studies on the subject of remote patient monitoring, based on the use of mobile/tablet apps; bluetooth sensors; computer vision and machine learning. It will also consider how such solutions could be deployed for other platforms such as smart TVs, and the use of cloud technologies for the storage and remote access of patient data.


Panel session with all speakers chaired by SIG champion




Event closes


Jim Carroll - CTO, Digica

Jim Carroll is a highly experienced technical director with a background in embedded software systems. Over 25 years, Jim has designed and built large scale software solutions reaching millions of users working as a software engineer, technical architect and CTO. He is currently CTO of Digica, an AI and software development company based in Manchester, UK. An early focus on mobile and semiconductor platforms has led to his current projects in AI/ML and cloud technologies. Jim is currently working with a number of medical technology organisations, combining experience of a range of disciplines and sectors to deploy hi-tech solutions to the widest possible audiences. Jim also acts as a technology mentor to a number of UK startups through TechManchester.

Adrian Condon - B-Secur

Adrian Condon is CTO of B-Secur Ltd, a leading biometric healthcare technology company that licenses it algorithms and analytics to technology companies around the world. Adrian has over twenty years’ experience developing and delivering cutting edge technology across a number of industries.

Danny Shaw - Vice President Global Sales, Hibox

Danny I. Shaw started working for Hibox Systems as an International Business Development Manager in 2011 and became the Vice President of Global Sales in 2014. Danny is a specialist in international business development with over 20 years introducing and positioning technical products and services in the United States, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Japan.

Thomas Stone - Clinical Scientist, Cambridge University Hospitals

I led the establishment and act as the lead scientist for the new clinical biomechanics laboratory at Addenbrookes Hospital. The service provides 3D motion analysis to support the provision of prosthetics, orthotics and measure the characteristics of movement in pathology. The service can help clinicians understand the changes in patients movement as a response to their intervention or to help choose the intervention in the first place.

I am also part of the Clinical Engineering Innovation team seeking to build up the medical devices innovation work in our Trust. My work involves design project management and delivery, including: clinical needs analysis, risk and safety analysis, design, research and innovation. Clinical Engineering Innovation is a small team of engineers and scientists embedded inside Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust. Our aim is to translate engineering research into clinical practice. We do this through an inside-out model of innovation: seeking out unmet clinical needs in the NHS and designing solutions through the application of science and engineering.

I am an honorary fellow at the School for Health University of East Anglia

SIG Champions

Peter Ferguson - Director for Healthcare Technologies, Arm

Peter is director for healthcare technologies at Arm and has been actively involved in the delivery of mobile and healthcare solutions since starting his Medical Electronics PhD in 1994. Based in Cambridge, UK, Peter is responsible for driving Arm's health strategies in Medical Sensors and Genomics. His remit is helping the healthcare industry to utilize Arm's high efficiency technology in developing new products and services. Peter has more than 20 years' experience working in the healthcare, mobile tech and pharmaceutical technology market and has been instrumental in delivering innovative mobile health solutions including wearable ECG, Mobile Devices, Adverse Event Systems and Portal Hospital solutions in the UK and China.

Siddhi Trivedi - Founder, Beyond Identity

Siddhi’s ambition is to build an inclusive community with a focus on social innovation through the intersection between emerging technologies and creative minds.

Siddhi specialises in strategic, operational and technology-enabled business transformation. She founded Beyond Identity, to implement digital tools through the application of IOT, AI and blockchain enabled solutions. She has deep insight into developing apps and platforms, and regularly speaks about innovations within the healthcare sector at international conferences. Since the advent of COVID-19, she has been working with medical clinicians within Oxfordshire to develop an app to empower patients to manage their health.

She is a healthcare SIG champion for Cambridge Wireless and a lead organiser for Tech London Advocates Blockchain Group a think tank and repository for knowledge sharing and to position London as a global leader in blockchain advocacy.

As a champion for women and girls in tech, Siddhi founded project BIBA, a platform designed to connect girls and women with live projects with tech companies who are keen to bridge the gender gap in their organisations. This project has been supported and born out London Tech week in September 2020 and will officially launch at London Tech Week in September 2021.

Nigel Whittle - Vice President, Plextek

Nigel is Head of Medical & Healthcare at Plextek, spearheading engagement with a range of clients in the medical device sector, helping them develop innovative technology around sensors, data collection, communications and related areas. Nigel has over 25 years’ experience in the global life science industry, in a wide range of senior scientific, commercial and managerial roles. He conducted research work at Genentech and Celltech, then at Cantab Pharmaceuticals he was responsible for all company product development, taking proprietary products into late-stage Clinical Trials. With the IP Group he established a programme of technology commercialisation from Kings College London, including start up and flotation of companies. Later, working for UK Trade & Investment, Nigel worked with a portfolio of overseas pharmaceutical companies to secure high-level investment into the UK’s R&D capabilities. More recently he has worked as a business consultant both as an independent and at Sagentia. His current interests include the development of wearable technology to support clinical studies, and the use of monitoring systems for assisted living.

Paul Winter - Senior RF Consultant, TTP plc

Paul Winter is a programme manager and RF engineer in the Communications and Wireless group at TTP. He has led numerous projects in commercial, industrial and healthcare sectors developing connected devices and precision instrumentation. Paul has a heritage in developing products integrating multiple wireless standards including GPS, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and proprietary ISM band radios, deployed within multi-sensor systems for in-home and on-body applications, often coupled to 'Cloud' based analysis and visualisation services. In healthcare Paul has applied aspects of wireless, antennas and electronics to a number of medical devices including inhalers, glucose testing and point of care diagnostic instruments. Paul has also led several incubation projects for TTP's Carbon Trust Incubator, covering a wide range of cutting edge technologies. Paul joined TTP in 2006; prior to this he worked as a radio engineer for Global Communications developing high volume consumer in-home satellite and digital TV distribution equipment, as well as portable equipment for the 'on-location' broadcasting industry. Paul has a Masters degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Wales, Cardiff. He is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, the Royal Academy of Engineering and is a Charted Engineer.

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