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Comms365 is not a typical communications company

Company profile

Comms365 designs, builds, integrates and operates specialist networks. Compared to many service providers in the UK, we have more technical and field capability, more network management and more automation experience.

Our portfolio of SD-WAN, IoT, Bonded Internet and 4G network services offers businesses a combination of extraordinary availability, resilience, convenience and affordability because we have been integrating, field-testing, automating and managing these technologies longer than anyone else.

Comms365 experts are the people that other network operators turn to when they have technical problems they cannot solve.

Comms365 has its own core network that is interconnected to major fixed and mobile carriers as well as specialist IoT networks. We use this unique capability to offer our customers in the UK, Europe and worldwide fully managed network services that require no technical expertise to use because we do all of the difficult operational activities in the background.

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Location info - Comms365 Limited

South House 3
Bond Avenue
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Tel: 01234 865880

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